Increased Threat of Neo Nazi Terrorism in Tyumen-Area of West Russia! 

Translator’s Note: The implication is that just as the US, UK and EU are openly supporting the Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime formerly of West Ukraine – exactly the same forces are arming and encouraging Neo-Nazi terrorist cells to enter Russian territory and carry-out deadly attacks on civilian targets in retaliation to Russia’s special military operation designed to de-Nazify the Ukraine. The fault of WWII are here again, with Germany still supporting Nazism but this time assisted in this task by the US, UK and the EU! Only Russia stands alone) in confronting the forces of neo-Nazism and is willing to do something about it! ACW (27.2.2022) 

Tyumen is a city situated on the Tura River, in the vast Russian region of Southwest Siberia. As its people have established local collection points for food, clothing and medical supplies for the citizens of the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk – the Tyumen region has become the target of an increased ‘terrorist’ threat. The Russian Ministry of Défense has issued reassurances that the Russian Armed Forces will protect any area under the threat of Neo-Nazi terror and ensure the peaceful continuance of life for the ordinary citizens. “The situation in the region is under control, life goes on. In connection with the growing terrorist threats, our main task is to ensure the safety of Tyumen residents and the uninterrupted functioning of all life support facilities. This requires clear and prompt interdepartmental cooperation,” said Alexander Moor, Governor of the Tyumen Region. In addition, the head of the region instructed to continue collecting humanitarian and financial assistance for residents of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics. Assistance collection points operate in all municipalities of the region. Meanwhile, in the Belgorod region, anti-terrorist measures have been strengthened in and around hospitals, schools, nurseries, social protection institutions and life support facilities.

Моор: «Главная задача — обеспечить безопасность…» 

08:57, 25 февраля 

В Тюменской области усилена антитеррористическая защита 


«Ситуация в регионе находится под контролем, жизнь продолжается. В связи с нарастанием террористических угроз наша главная задача — обеспечить безопасность тюменцев и бесперебойное функционирование всех объектов жизнеобеспечения. Для этого необходимо четкое и оперативное межведомственное взаимодействие», — заявил губернатор Тюменской области Александр Моор. 

Кроме того, глава региона поручил продолжить работу по сбору гуманитарной и финансовой помощи для жителей Донецкой и Луганской Народных Республик. Пункты сбора помощи работают во всех муниципалитетах региона. 

Как ранее сообщало ИА REGNUM, в Белгородской области антитеррористические меры усилены в больницах, школах, детских садах, учреждениях социальной защиты и на объектах жизнеобеспечения. 

Источник: REGNUM 

Темы: Социальная политика 

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