Donbass: Ukrainians Start Surrendering! (24.2.2022)

Ukrainians Start Surrounding After Russia Announces the end of Western-backed Neo-Nazism!

The People’s Militia of the People’s Republic of Lugansk (LNR) has published online – footage of soldiers of the 57th Brigade of the Ukrainian Army ‘surrendering’ and laying-down their arms – following the announcement that Russia will no longer tolerate a Western-backed neo-Nazi regime on (or near) its borders! After the end of hostilities, these men will be allowed to go home – an LNR spokesperson confirmed. Other sources have stated that the Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime in Western Ukraine is forcing men at gun-point into joining their ‘Army.’ As soon as these men reach the frontline – they are surrendering en masse without a fight! This is an embarrassing development for their US, UK and EU-supporters who have provided arms and paid for their training! According to TAAS – the Russian news agency – Ukrainian troops of the 57th Brigade have not only ‘surrendered’ but have also ‘defected’ to the Lugansk military!

(Народная милиция ЛНР публикует кадры того, как солдаты 57-й бригады украинской армии складывают оружие. После завершения боевых действий их отпустят домой, сказали в ЛНР).

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