Britain and America are Supporting Neo-Nazi Aggression in Ukraine (2022) 

Wreckage of US and UK Military Hardware Used by the Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ West Ukraine Forces – Destroyed on thee Borders of the People’s Republics of Donets and Lugansk (East Ukraine)!

The Bourgeois Media is State-run. It is comprised of private companies and corporations which must ‘apply’ for broadcasting licenses from their respective national governments! If these bourgeois media corporations fail to represent the declared ‘viewpoint’ of their National Governments – then broadcasting licenses are withdrawn, lucrative brands and designs are suspended or outlawed, and individuals are made the target of legal investigations and judicial punishment, etc. This is how the bourgeoisie ensures that only its viewpoint and class interests are represented through the media corporations it always to exist and function. Therefore, although being ‘private’ companies in the strict legal sense and not subject to ‘direct’ governmental-control, broadcasting corporations – including print-media and TV news, etc – are in reality limited to expressing the viewpoints of those who issue the media licenses (that is – subject to ‘indirect’ government-control). There is no ‘freedom of speech’ in the UK (except within the British Parliament where it is strictly ‘controlled’ and ‘limited’ through the use of archaic language structures that only represent the bourgeois perspective from around two-hundred or more years ago), or in the US (despite a Constitutional declaration), as the media in both countries must conform to the strictures of their respective national governments. Any deviation will result in a cascade of legal bureaucracy that guarantees compliance. This is exactly what is happening today, when your radios, TVs and print media is telling you to believe the falsehood that ‘Russia’ is the aggressor in the Ukraine. 

The Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ Regime is Firing US and UK-made and Supplied Artillery Shells Deep into the Residential Areas of Donetsk and Lugansk!

Telegram (and similar social media) is a problem for bourgeois national governments as they cannot control or limit its content. In other words, they cannot prevent a different or contradictory viewpoint or narrative from being described, established or conveyed. In 2014, the Obama Administration in America armed, coordinated and sustained a neo-Nazi coup in the Ukraine – designed to remove from power the left-of-centre and pro-Russian government that had been voted into power – and which refused to demonise Russia or align the Ukraine with NATO. (The latter would have allowed US troops on the border of Russia). For months – the US-controlled ‘Wikipedia’ trumpeted that a ‘popular’ Revolution had occurred in Western Ukraine and ensured that any editing of the site omitted mention of ‘neo-Nazism’ or that in East Ukraine a number of Socialist ‘People’s Republics’ had been established on the grounds of ‘resisting this Western-backed ‘neo-Nazism.’ Indeed, it took a court case (which the private owners of Wikipedia lost) to legally enforce that the online encyclopaedia stated on its Ukraine-page that the 2014 take-over of Ukraine was ‘illegal’ and that the conquering ‘Maidan’ regime was in fact ‘far-right’ in political motivation! Troops of the US, UK and EU-backed neo-Nazi regime of West Ukraine have committed endless War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity in Central and Eastern Ukraine – with the UN dragging its heels over prosecutions due to the US support of the neo-Nazis. 

Citizens Celebrate in the People’s Republic of Donetsk as Russia Officially ‘Recognises’ Their Sovereignty (Together with Lugansk) Whilst Singing the Original Lyrics to the ‘Soviet’ National Anthem’!

When the neo-Nazis destroyed the People’s Republic of Odessa (which existed between April 20 – May 3, 2014. on May 2, 2014 in the Odessa House of Trade Unions – people opposed to the Western-backed Neo-Nazi take-over of Ukraine were herded into this building – doused with a combustible mixture and set on fire. According to official figures 42 people were killed. There are also the unofficial killings – according to which the number can be in the hundreds. It is assumed that many more people were tortured and killed in the basements of the House of Trade Unions, then the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis dismembered their bodies and carried them out in bags) – where many such crimes of brutality were committed, but the People’s Republics of Donetsk and Lugansk have held-out and developed very well-disciplined military formations. Many of these ‘People’s Militias’ have been augmented by Socialist volunteers from around the world – including an ambulance driver from Manchester who was put into prison upon his return to the UK for five-years. His crime? Colluding with terrorism! And this is symbolic of the entire ‘inverted’ manner with which the bourgeoisie report the news. It is not just factually ‘wrong’, but also ‘back-to-front’! The neo-Nazis are presented as ‘liberators’ that all Westerners must support – whilst the resisting ‘Socialists’ are presented as ‘oppressors’ which all Westerners must oppose! The US wants to extend the reach of NATO to the borders of Russia so that it can threaten the country to outlaw Communism and implement a Rothschild-controlled central bank. If this doesn’t work – then NATO will invade and what is happening at the moment is a media-led preparation for war in the West and the possibility of widespread ‘conscription.’  

A Car Carrying a Family of Three was Destroyed on the Motorway Today by Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ Artillery Fire!

Prior to WWI, a similar hate campaign occurred in the UK regarding Germans – preparing the British population for the 1914-1918 war of mass murder that was to follow. (WWII was slightly different in that although the USSR led the international working-class in its opposition to fascism in Spain during the 1930s – for much of the time leading-up to 1939, Hitler remained very popular amongst the ruling bourgeoisie – an inconvenient fact they try to wipe-out from history). The Telegram pages of the Donetsk and Lugansk militaries exhibit endless video-footage of frontline combat between the Western-supported neo-Nazi forces of West Ukraine which are attacking the otherwise peaceful ‘People’s Republics’ of East Ukraine! Russia has not, as yet, directly flexed its military might in the region. So, why is the bourgeois lying? The US, UK and EU are sponsoring the neo-Nazi aggression against Donbass in the hope that the ‘People’s Republics’ will fall, but they fear a counter-attack by the Russian military. Russia has every right to do this and such military action would probably ‘liberate’ West Ukraine from its neo-Nazi domination. This is where the inverted’ thinking of the bourgeoisie comes in. As and when Russia decides to militarily act – the Western media will then ‘blame’ this Russian action for all the neo-Nazi aggression that came before.  

Soviet National Anthem Played in the Parliament of Lugansk to Welcome Russia’s Acknowledgement of Sovereignty!

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