The Birds Are Watching a Documentary About Derrida! (28.10.2021)

61 St Alban’s Road – Sutton – London

The birds are watching a documentary about Jacques Derrida. He said that the Revolution will emerge – not out of the conservative  (dialectical) conditions the bourgeoisie can predict and control – but rather out of those hidden (dialectical) conditions that the Bourgeoisie possess no realistic means to predict and control! The future is an integration of the ‘predictable’ and the ‘non-predictable’ with the latter being the true engine of all progressive  evolutionary development. Although in many ways an expression of basic Marxist (dialectical) thought – Derrida is important in that he is able to understand, convey and explain the essential workings of Marx to those who possess no idea or comprehension of what it is or how it works! Furthermore, Derrida gets away with doing this from within the very heart of the bourgeoisie establishment that his philosophy of deconstruction is continuously dismantling – moment by moment (and not allowing to exist)!

Mind-Clearing Revolution!

Although Derrida is continuously expressing the essence and methodology of Marx – the presence of Marx is never being openly declared! If Derrida was handing out signed photographs of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Ho Chi Minh – due to what these historical figures represent to the bourgeois-mind – Derrida would soon be silenced, arrested and imprisoned! Derrida remained ‘free’ to undermine the foundations of the bourgeois establishment just as long as he did not clearly declare that was what he was doing. Indeed, in the (2002) film entitled ‘Derrida’ by Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering Koffman – Derrida is treated as if he is a dithery old ‘wise’ who potters about whilst occasionally emitting a wise word or two about the nature of mundane and trivial matters. So ridiculous did this parody of reality become that Derrida was continuously wined and dimed by the very bourgeois media he exposed as being shallow and which he sort to other-throw! Those who are filmed hanging about with him really do not understand what Derrida is doing. They are idiots and simpletons by comparison. At least, that is what the birds tell me!

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