Maintaining a Deception Requires a Cast of Thousands! 

The UK is Slowing Morphing into the US!

The British judicial system is renowned just as much for its corruption as it is for its justice! Furthermore, the law tends to change overtime as it reflects the current standards and viewpoints of contemporary society. Although during the Victorian period – hanging children as young as eight-years-old was considered ‘just’ – today, such behaviour would be considered ‘murder’ and ‘a crime against humanity’! This change occurred in just over one-hundred and fifty years, and demonstrates the mythos that the British (bourgeois) judiciary and legal system operate under. The British establishment rests upon the Courts and the maintenance of law, and we are told that the ‘law’ is akin to the ‘word of god’ which never changes and is always the highest expression of required moral behaviour! One and a half centuries ago, God was fine with hanging eight-year-old children, whilst today he is not. How will he think tomorrow? Of course, the bourgeoisie decides what God wants on earth and it usually does not interfere with their profit-making. The ‘law’ then, far from being unchanging and almighty is subject to change and is nothing more than a contrivance of social and political power that is entirely man-made and relative in nature! 

Not So Long Ago It Was ‘Illegal’ for a Poor Person to Have a ‘Defence’ Lawyer in Court!

Before an individual reaches this point, however, he or she is ‘arrested’ by the police and the dehumanising of the Defendant begins. Toilets with no toilet seats or toilet-paper in the police-cells is just the start of the nightmare. A British citizen is brought-up to believe that they are three-dimensionally free whilst living within a liberal, bourgeois, capitalist society. As soon as they come into contact with the police the individual is subjected to the sudden dehumanising of the faceless hierarchy of fascist oppression and brutality! As the police take away an individual’s freedom – they must be considered a fascist organisation in the service of the British bourgeois State. Being held and interrogated is an example of being continuously disempowered and subjected to a bourgeois legal process that involves psychological and physical torture applied through varying degrees of severity. Indeed, so shocking is the ‘arrest’ process that many people (innocent or not) never recover from the experience and quite often develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)! Although this is well-known within professional academia, it is all but ignored by the media and mainstream press which like to associate PTSD to experiences such as warfare or medical emergency, etc. The entire point of this torture is to illicit a ‘confession’ from the suspect regardless of whether it is true or not. This is the first part of the corrupt within the judicial process. This is continued and built upon when an individual is ‘charged’ and sent to the Courts for judgement! 

Anyone subject to the ‘law’ is really being scolded by a Victorian father-figure who is confiscating a child’s favourite toy and severely limiting the child’s freedom of movement to just his or her bedroom! This forever changing law sees a ‘judge’ who represents the Judeo-Christian God and the twelve Jurors who represent the twelve disciples of Jesus Christ. In the old days, the Judge use to sit far higher than the accused than he or she does today – but the symbolism remains as the Judge is supposed to be handing-down judgements from the heavens above! If a Defendant is found ‘guilty’ and ‘convicted’ he or she is sent down to the holding cells to await transportation to a prison. The ‘taking down’ part of the theatre is literally representative of a ‘descent into the burning pits of hell’! This is the Judeo-Christian origins of the British legal and judicial systems which feels that during its dualistic (adversary) system (where ‘money’ purchases legal safety) it is assumed that ‘truth’ is ‘brought-out’ through the dialectical process of the cut and thrust of debate.  

Mao Zedong Opposes Racism to Free the People!

In the case involving Aravindan Balakrishnan the police were tasked by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) with fabricating a situation that appeared to involve ‘slavery’ as well as psychological and physical abuse. As none of this was ‘true’ in the literal sense, the police had an open field to start afresh as they were not limited by any standards of ‘real’ situations or of any genuine cases to answer. To achieve their objective, the police simply arrested as many associates of Aravindan Balakrishnan and applied intense psychological and physical pressure with promise that ‘it would all stop’ if they signed a confession agreeing to a fictious situation. Although some buckled to this pressure – others certainly did not – and it is these very strong people that expose the corrupt heart of the British State! As it was vitally important that his daughter – Katy Morgan-Davis – opposed her father and NEVER came to his aid by telling the truth during the Court case – she was wined and down by the British State with all her whims and wishes indulged. She was made to feel like she was a princess existing in a wonderland of opulence and the only price she was asked to pay was with the innocent life of her father – Aravindan Balakrishnan – a man whose wide learning and upright and strong moral character is respected the world over!  

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