Exposing Katy Morgan-Davis and the Corrupt British Courts! 

The British Courts Can Declare ‘Black’ to be ”White’!

The British Court System is a class-dominated means of regulating bourgeois society. The concept of ‘justice’ is secondary to the true purpose of the Court system which exists to remove any challenges to the bourgeois control of the means of production. Criminality often involves various examples of the poor masses ‘stealing’ from the minority rich and initiating a non-sanctioned redistribution of wealth – even though the rich ‘stole’ their wealth from the hard-work carried-out by the poor masses over many generations. This type of wealth (acquired through institutional ‘theft’) does not arise from the will of an imaginary god! If ‘justice’ is served, it is incidental to the bourgeoisie retaining class power throughout society. Many trials deemed ‘criminal’ are in fact ‘political’ in nature and designed to ‘silence’ a prominent figure who effectively espouses an anti-establishment ideology that inspires the masses and which could well generate the conditions for the rising-up and a changing of the reality of who controls the ‘means of production’! 

The British Courts are Bias Toward the Bourgeoisie Which Controls Them!

The case of Aravindan Balakrishnan is one example of a purely ‘political’ trial of persecution initiated by the British State which has been deemed a ‘criminal’ trial for reasons of State convenience. Furthermore, the British State has tried to ‘shame’ and ‘gaslight’ the reputation of Comrade Bala by fabricating any type of description that is designed to brain-wash those who have a short-attention span throughout society and who only have time to see a newspaper headline in passing! If the right-wing papers print it – then it must be true! Whereas Aravindan Balakrishnan is a great Maoist leader living in the West – the British State must convince a general audience that he is a ’slave-master’ – an inverted allegation that is a complete absurdity! Whereas Comrade Bala has successfully directed the Workers’ Institute with good judgement for many decades (including the British Labour government persecution in the late 1970s), exhibiting patience and careful planning, the British State is of the opinion that he kept his daughter ‘a prisoner’ in her own home (at a time when he protected her from the excesses of the British State and the Police)! Of course, when other parents keep their children safely at home – the British State awards then for being good parents! When a man of South Indian origin carries-out exactly the same function – he is dehumanised and deprived of his human dignity by the same British State!  Although Aravindan Balakrishnan very expertly directed a mass organisation and developed a very effective mass (and individual) education programmes – the British State contends that he ‘brain-washed’ those who voluntarily chose to associate themselves with him! His qualities of good character which make him such a great and exact leader unrecognised by a racist British State that only awards ‘White’ leadership! 

Comrade Bala is a Great Maoist Teacher!

The British State has made a glaring error in its assessment of Aravindan Balakrishnan. Many who followed him before – still follow him now. Many who agreed with his understanding of Marxist-Leninism agree with him now. When I have discussed this matter with Comrades in China and North Korea – all agree that this is a matter of class oppression and White, imperialist aggression! Even his rebellious daughter – Katy Morgan-Davis – has not ‘freed’ herself of her father’s viewpoint – as Comrade Bala NEVER forced any system of thought upon her – but whilst being misled and misdirected by the agents of the British State she has engaged with – and fully embraced – the political right-wing and far-right, simply upon the grounds that this is exactly what the British State wants from her as payment for the free money, houses, flats, clothes and trips abroad she has received at the expense of the British taxpayer! She receives an ample amount of ‘free’ money from the British State in return for BETRAYING her father and the fellow Conrades of the Workers’ Institute! Indeed, every time Katy Morgan-Davies is EXPOSED in these articles – she runs off to the Daily Mail to have her lies massaged and her rapidly diminishing tissue of lies re-inflated for another round of mindless public consumption!  

Comrade Bala Leading by Example!

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