Email: The People Fight to Liberate Aravindan Balakrishnan! (13.9.2021) 

We Must free Comrade Bala and Taiwan from Western Control and Tyranny!

Dear Comrades of the Workers’ Institute 

Thank you for all the data you have forwarded to me regarding the latest offensive (September 5th, 2021) in the Sunday papers – by the British Fascist State and its running dog – Katy Morga-Davis! As you say, there is ‘nothing new’ in any of it – but it is curious that the British media colludes across its broad right-wing propaganda base to continue to spread the libel it has been doing since the conclusion of the joke of the ‘Trial’ (in the ‘Kafka’ sense)! When all this has been ‘corrected’ – I suspected there will be substantial pay-outs to Comrade Bala and the Workers’ Institute – hopefully culminating in a prison sentence for Katy Morgan-Davis – and all those who colluded with her and lied under oath in Court! Until that time, the British Tory government will try its level-best to preserve the current status quo and place the onus upon Comrade Bala (a glorious term the people must reclaimed for our own)! Aravindan Balakrishnan represents everything that is great and good about the alliance between the peasantry and the industrialised working-class (Proletariat)! As ordinary workers – it is ourselves that choose our leaders and not the Bourgeois State which opposes our psychological and physical well-being on every level!  

We Must free Comrade Bala and Algeria from Western Control and Tyranny!

From a dialectical view it seems to me that the State is rehashing the same old material because they are afraid their story is being exposed in the public arena and/or simply not being believed by the majority of people. The State uses the media to attack Aravindan Balakrishnan – the concerted aspect – but the fabricated message is falling onto ever greater numbers of deaf ears! The State has the ability to formulate and trumpet the lies – but cannot force people to believe those lies. It is like those Cold War lies that orbit round and around the Western mind that have no basis in fact but which possess a certain mythic familiarity that must be brushed-off by the weak-minded and easily-led and admired from time to time. The expert providing of counter-narratives clearly rejecting all the lies aimed at Aravindan Balakrishnan – I suspect – is taking its toll on the effectiveness of the official propaganda. Their latest attempts are amateurish, lack belief and have the distinct smell of frustration and desperation about them. Indeed, Maoism is crushing the lies of bourgeois (predatory) capitalism! 

We Must free Comrade Bala and Fuzhou from Western Control and Tyranny!

The content is so absurd and beyond belief that it reads like a Monty Python sketch! Katy Morgan-Davis is being coached (and probably threatened) to perform on demand. She cannot see that without the protection of her father’s empowering education – she has become a hopeless and helpless victim of the British Fascist State and the Eurocentric racism it projects to control society! As a consequence, Katy Morgan-Davis – as a non-White woman – is participating in the bourgeois-enacted racist abuse it is aiming at her father! She sees no problem in the British Fascist State depriving her non-European father of his physical freedom and ability to freely express his opinions – just as long as she materially benefits from the arrangement (as i am sure that alongside the ‘threats’ there is ample sums of money changing hands). I think the term used is usually ‘stooge’…  Figuratively speaking, the British Fascist State controls the cities (because it controls the means of production) but we – the resisting and fighting masses – control the countryside! This is a guerrilla war where single letters are bullets and formed words are our artillery rounds! Entire texts exposing the lies of Katy Morgan-Davis are our Katyusha Rockets! We move where we want and when we want in the Proletariat countryside and we strike when the enemy least expects it! Our concerted attacks of reason, logic and truth are having a detrimental effect upon the structure, objective and purpose of British Fascist State and its running dog of Katy Morgan-Davis! 

Comrade Bala is a Chosen Leader of the Workers and Peasants!

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