Email: Continuously Deciphering Katy Morgan-Davis  (8.9.2021)

The German Publishing Industry Assisted Hitler to Murder Millions – No Wonder it is Interesting in Exploiting the Fake Katy Morgan-Davis Story!

No matter what Katy Morgan-Davis does in the name of the British Fascist State – it will always be from an ‘inverted’ perspective. The bourgeoisie will lap this up – but this does not change its inverted origin or intended function of deception. As her inner feelings of guilt increase – she will try all sorts of similar outer stunts that make no personal or ideological sense and which will contradict her physical and psychological and her inherent well-being – but none of this will go beyond this ‘invertedness’ as this is all the British Fascist State wants and will allow! As you know and have said many times – the British Fascist State does not care about Katy Morgan Davis as it is just using her in an abusive sense to score points against her father who was (and remains) a respected Revolutionary teacher throughout the world! Our function is to simply keep pointing-out the ‘inverted’ nature of her betraying actions and in so doing never letting her continuous ‘lying’ settle into relaxed state of rhythm. I suspect that Katy Morgan-Davis is beginning to realise that the ‘implanted’ false memory of being ‘trapped in a cult’ has become ‘true’ in the nightmare she is now living! It is the bourgeois, pretensions lifestyle she is now living and the manipulation she is now experiencing from those around her that constitutes the true ‘cult’! This latest attempt at attention-seeking is very probably a cry for help! However, it is obvious that she is imprisoned by her supposed rescuers and this reminds me of the plight of those women and girls who are kidnapped and ‘forced’ into sexual exploitation for the financial profit of others! I suspect without her Fascist British State minders present – she would like to give a very different interview! 

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