Email: UK China Town Purges 1919 and 1946! (25.7.2021)

Dear Workers’ Institute 

Home Office agrees to look into fate of Chinese sailors deported in 1946

Interesting. The Labour Party did this in 1946 following the racist backlash that swept through the country following victory in WWII. Police Officers and Social Workers were sent to the English spouses to inform them that they were sexual deviants for forming relationships with Chinese men – and that their children risked being taken into care as the by-product of this deviancy! The Chinese men were arrested as they left for work in the morning and never allowed to contact their relatives again in England! I assume they were deported to Nationalist China, but I wonder if the UK government will use this as negative propaganda against the CPC? Whatever the outcome, I doubt the Labour Party would have willingly investigated this – and, of course, the descendants of these men live on in the UK as George Alagiah’s research proved! 

As far as I am aware, thie 1919 purge of Chinese people out of the UK was centred just around Liverpool (although Chinese people I have met in the UK say it included other places), but the 1946 purge wiped-out the China Town in the Docklands of London. Our Chinese grandfather – Chan Tin Sang (1924-1993) – arrived in the UK in 1956 and the only people who would rent to the Chinese were the Jews who owned property in the Gerrard Street area of London (adjacent Leicester Square). This is how the ‘new’ China Town was developed that we know today. Oddly, there was talk of moving it back to the Docklands by Ken Livingstone – but nothing came of this unpopular idea. As matters transpired – Sadiq Khan not only allows the Falun Gong Cult onto our streets to pollute the minds of our young – but he also authorised the removal of the ‘Pagoda’ at the entrance of Gerrard Street! He has made a political career interfering in the lives of Chinese people in London – whilst supporting the political right-wing and White hegemony. His support the murderous activity of Zionist Israel is shameful! 

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