China: The Sacrifice of Comrade Fire-Fighter – Liu Chao – (刘超) Is Honoured in Jilin Province!

Comrade Liu Chao is a Martyr of the Chinese Nation!

On May 10, the CFR-02308 crew of the Kunming Air Rescue Detachment – of the Forest Fire Protection Bureau of the Emergency Management Department – accidentally fell into the Erhai Lake during a forest fire in Wanqiao Town, Dali, Yunnan. On May 12th, 2021, the Political Department of the Emergency Management Directorate approved the four lost Comrades as Martyrs of the Nation. Among them, Comrade Liu Chao is auspicious as he is a native of Dunhua City, Yanbian Prefecture, Lin Province. On the afternoon of May 16th, the ashes of Martyr Liu Chao arrived at Changchun Longjia Airport from Yunnan. On May 17th, the mourning burial ceremony of Martyr Liu Chao was held in Dunhua Martyrs Cemetery.

Red Flag Given to Liu Chao’s Wife!

Jilin Province attaches great importance to the mourning and burial of its Martyrs. The responsible Comrades of the Provincial Emergency Management Department and the Provincial Forest Fire Fighting Corps went to Dali, Yunnan to participate in the mourning ceremony and escorted the remains of Liu Chao back to his hometown. The hero returned to his hometown. In Dunhua City, hundreds of firefighters, officials, armed police officers and soldiers, representatives of teachers and students, and ordinary citizens held up pictures stating “Dunhua People Welcome the Martyrs Return Home”, “Deeply cherish the memory of the Martyr Liu Chao”, and “to the heroes” Salute!” and other banners, or holding white flowers in hand, or taking off their hats to pay tribute to the Martyr Liu Chao in the main streets of Dunhua City.

Liu Chao Laid to Rest…

At 10 o’clock in the morning of May 17th, a memorial ceremony was held in the Beishan Martyrs Cemetery of Dunhua City. The responsible Comrades of the relevant departments read out the reply of the emergency management department regarding the assessment of Comrade Liu Chao as a Martyr, and introduced the deeds of the Martyr Liu Chao during his lifetime. People from all walks of life paid tribute to the Martyr Liu Chao, who was then solemnly buried in the Beishan Martyrs Cemetery in Dunhua, resting in the green hills and fertile soil of his hometown.

Liu Chao was Proud to Live in Communist China!

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