Freedom for Aravindan Balakrishnan!

Comrade Bala is the victim of a vicious far-right (racist) British State! This is exactly the same ‘racist’ State that has supported the Ukrainian Neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ Junta illegally brought to power in 2014! Comrade Bala was chosen by David Cameron as a leftist ‘sacrifice’ whilst the LibDems and Tories went about murdering over 120,000 disabled people in the UK due to sudden Benefit, Social Services and NHS cuts! Comrade Bala’s arrest, prosecution and imprisonment are Crimes Against Humanity perpetuated against a good and innocent man! We must stand firm in our call for his freedom as part of the anti-fascist cause! Hurrah for the Workers’ Institute! Hurrah for Comrade Bala and ‘Hurrah’ for Mao Zedong and the Bright Shining Path! The International Working Class loves Comrade Bala!

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