CPC Confirms British State Treatment of the Workers’ Institute in 1978 was ‘Criminal’ (2.4.2021)

My personal, academic view, after hundreds of hours of independent study, meeting a member of the Workers’ Institute at Trafalgar Square (in London at the end of a May Day March), engaging in a prolonged ‘written’ communication and an equally prolonged and in-depth communication online – is that the this very important Maoist (British) and ‘Internationalist’ establishment has been the recipient of ‘unjust’ attention from the British State in the late 1970s (under the Labour Party), and in the mid-2000s from the Tories and LibDems. These two seismic events may be viewed as the fence-posts that hold all the smaller infringements upon the rights of the membership together – experienced during the intermediate years!  

Although consisting of a multi-ethnic membership – the (bourgeois) British State appears to have targeted the Workers’ Institute for its Maoist stance, communication with the Communist Party of China and support for the Socialist Chinese State – just two-years after the death of Mao Zedong (who died in 1976) and the other throw of the Trotskyite ‘Gang of Four’ in Beijing. It was important for the British State to ‘weaken’ the Workers’ Institute as Deng Xiaoping was ‘elected’ General Secretary and promised to remove all the chaos from the land, strengthen China at home, and enhance its links with political bodies outside of China which supported Marxist-Leninism (Maoism)! 

The individual members of the Workers’ Institute were subject to arbitrary arrest for nothing more than their political views – an act of domestic terrorism committed by the British State very similar those routinely seen in Apartheid South Africa! The women members of the Collective were subject to the most hideous and harshest of police interrogation tactics and procedures designed to break their spirits and demean them as independent and strong indeed women! I am convinced that what happened to ALL the members of the Workers’ Institute whilst in custody in London was ‘criminal’. I do not want to go into too much detail as I intend to protect the dignity of the membership – but any right-minded Comrade would find the conditions, threats and intimidation horrific!  

The British State tried to ‘smash’ the life-work of Comrade Aravindan Balakrishnan and the political and cultural links he had built in the UK and established with China! As China was still emerging from the chaos of Revolution and Reform at the time, as a country it was not yet able to offer its thanks or support. However, in a recent meeting of Political Commissars I brought-up the issue of the Workers’ Institute and a unanimous vote was taken to issue a Statement of Support in this present time – to rectify a glaring ideological omission that occurred in the late 1970s. The CPC would also like to ‘thank’ the women of the Workers’ Institute who currently administer the everyday running of the Workers’ Institute and continue to fight hard for the well-being and release of their Chairman – Comrade Aravindan Balakrishnan – from his unjust detention in a British jail. I am lobbying with my Comrades in Beijing to have this matter raised at a ‘high’ diplomatic level as part of China self-defence counter-offensive against all forms of racism emanating from the US and the UK!  

CPC – Political Commissar – International Symposium (1.4.2021)

Motion: No.23432

‘The Condemnation of the British State for its treatment of the Workers’ Institute – 1978.’

Two-hour investigation of available evidence followed by secret ballot.

Result: Unanimous Support (24 – Yes) – (No – 0) – Abstention (0)

Document Type: Released for Distribution (2.4.2021)



“ 1978年,英国政府对工人学院的待遇受到谴责。”




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