Email: Profound Hearing – Through and Beyond the Ears… (9.3.2021)

Marx Spent a Lifetime Studying…

Dear Gillian

Thirty-years apart, or there abouts, my ability to ‘listen’ and to ‘hear’ has deepened. As I am now nearly 55-years-old – I cannot believe how long this transformation has taken to unfold – I would not say ‘complete’ as of yet. My interaction with you – has loosened the bonds of limiting conditioning. It is interesting how dichotomies that seemed so ‘real’ and ‘solid’ at one point – then are exposed as being entirely translucent and without the concrete ‘edges’ once thought to define their structures. In-turn, this process has led to a more profound awareness of a spiritual essence. This can have many descriptive names – but it is all-embracing and has the fabric of unconditional (and ‘non-boundaried’) love and compassion. It is an indifferent presence of total solidarity and togetherness that functions in its most ‘pure’ frequency whilst I am existing in a state of solitude. Right in the middle of ‘isolation’, there is a reality of complete totality with all that lives. No violence – just pure loving kindness for all beings. 

Growth Includes Appreciating ‘Space’ and Structure’

There is a place where Marx, Buddha and God are all ‘correct’ and that all the contradicts form the cement that makes it so – and this reality is not limited to Marx, Buddha or God – that’s just my partiality. It is the mutual ‘pushing away’ of each ideology and philosophy that ultimately ‘pulls it altogether’. I see (or feel) no contradiction in even in statements that seem to diametrically oppose one another. It all gets ‘there’ in the end – whatever that ‘end’ might be. We are all on a dialectical learning-curve that has no limits and can have no limits if it is to be considered ‘legitimate’ rather than ‘superficial’ Although I feel a definite trajectory of ideological movement – I see no reason to ‘oppose’ this idea (or ‘state’ of being) over ‘that’ idea (or ‘state’ of being). This unleashes a great dialectical freedom that is multifaceted and not limited to narrow definitions of ‘success’ and ‘failure’. This is all the window-dressing for class distinction, lack of fairness and fundamental lack of goodness. 

Interaction with Other Individuals and Nature Equals ‘Growth’

Hearing into the emptiness of the universe has been the key for me. When young, I felt the universe could be penetrated with strength of mind – but the universe also felt like a solid wall standing straight in-front of me – impenetrable and stoic. I spent a couple of decades ‘bouncing’ off the its façade whilst looking for the ‘fabled’ way through – and suddenly there you were stood by an opening and pointing the way! Even down to the size and shape of your hand-writing – this combined with your thought-processes and peculiar way of viewing the world. Empowerment of vision has to be a very important part of the path of transformation. Personal conditioning holds us back as individuals – and those around us together with the texts we read – serve to ‘loosen’ the bonds that holds us solely upon one basic and undeveloped level of psychological evolution. Perhaps it is all a product of ‘healing’ where we are one another’s ‘doctor of the spirit’.  

Is There a Link Between Marxism and Early Buddhism…?

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