Zionism Exposed: Why Aravindan Balakrishnan was ‘Imprisoned’ in 2016 & Priti Patel ‘Resigned’ in 2017!

Author’s Note: Theresa May – who was ‘Home Secretary’ between 2010-2016 – presided over the disgraceful Tory-led persecution of Workers’ Institute in London – probably on the grounds that this well-established – and decades-old – Revolutionary organisation in the UK is ‘Maoist’ and had thrived with through good relations with Communist China. Members of the Workers’ Institute were ‘arrested’, ‘bullied’ and ‘manipulated’ in a failed attempt by the British State to turn one against another. As matters transpired – Theresa May (the woman who would become prime minister) – decided to focus upon the elderly leader of the Workers’ Institute – the elderly Aravindan Balakrishnan. He is now over 80-years-old and is serving a 23–year sentence for trumped charges, etc. I mention this as it demonstrates the kind of ‘corrupt’ characters the Tories are ‘inflicting’ upon the British nation as so-called ‘leaders’! Furthermore, Aravindan Balakrishnan represented a British-Asian person the Tories could not manipulate and control – unlike Priti Patel! Non-White people who do not conform to the ‘norms’ of White racism invariably become the ‘victims’ of White racism! Those that do – such as Priti Patel – reap all the benefits and rewards such and undertaking invites. Whereas Aravindan Balakrishnan ‘opposes’ the racist Zionism that Israel represents – Priti Patel embraces it fully and is quite happy to assist this manifestation continue with its policies of stealing land from the Palestinians whilst murdering the Palestinian population. Priti Patel ‘secretly’ met with the leader of Israel to ‘discuss’ what Israel wanted the Tories to do about the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn – a left-wing politician in the UK – who had expressed that he would a) recognise a ‘Palestinian State’, and b) hold Israel judicially accountable for all the its War Crimes and Crimes and Against Humanity perpetuated since 1947 throughout the Middle East (and the world)! This is exactly the type of solution Aravindan Balakrishnan had been calling for decades and Priti Patel had been opposing! ACW (25.2.2021) 

An entire symposium could be organised around the psychology of prominent British politician – Priti Patel. Although this woman carries an ethnic ‘Hindu’ name – her character, language and demeanour are far from that typically expected from someone with this ancestral heritage. Indeed, Priti Patel can be realistically described as being the consequence of ‘White’ racism and the British class system. Instead of ‘entrenching’ and fighting (historical) British imperialist attitudes, Priti Patel has developed a perfect association and alignment ‘with’ these attitudes. Instead of associating herself with other ‘non-White’ people like herself, she instead ‘relates’ to the ‘White’ racists themselves, and perceives herself as being ‘White’, despite all the obvious contradictions such a rhetoric stance suggests. 

This means that Priti Patel associates herself with the schemata of ‘White’ racism, and assists the ‘White’ racist (British) establishment to perpetuate this racism effectively and efficiently onto the minds and bodies of other ‘non-White’ people – who are punished for their ‘skin-tone’ and distinct non-European ethnicity. Although Priti Patel should logically be a victim of White racism – she in facts assumes all the machinations of this system of discrimination, and is quite happy to inflict this prejudice on all other people like herself. This is why she inhabits a world of ‘denial’ – within which Priti Patel refuses to ‘admit’ that ‘White’ racism exists even when it is being aimed at her – or at others by her, etc. 

As for the Tory ‘White’ establishment, Priti Patel (and others like her) offer an ideal opportunity to ‘preserve’ and ‘perpetuate’ White privilege and domination through the speeches and actions of those non-White people who uncritically choose to associate themselves with the discriminating White community – instead of rallying against racism and declaring it morally and ethically ‘wrong’. This type of social camouflage means where a ‘White’ Tory expressing blatant racist attitudes would attract extreme censure and criticism – a non-White Tory – possessing a non-White ethnic background and ‘skin-tone’ – is able to express such deficient and uncivilised opinions as if they represent a ‘legitimate’ view of the world! This is a typical Tory manipulation of the ‘norms’ of British society that are supposed to remove and eradicate all racist views from modern, British culture. 

The Zionist State of Israel is a White-settler colony that justifies its brutal suppression of the non-White Palestinian people, by suggesting that its existence and actions are justifiable because it defines its invasion on ‘religious’ grounds. Since 1947, White, European people of Jewish religious origin have systematically invaded and settled large swathes of Palestinian territory – raping, stealing, maiming and murdering tens of thousands of Palestinian men, women and children with only the most ‘moderate’ of complaints from the International Community. Indeed, many Palestinian women often look very similar to Priti Patel – but unlike her – they live in abject poverty and the constant fear of being ‘raped’ and ‘tortured’ by White, Israeli men. A further terrible crime is that Israeli male soldiers of kidnap Palestinian children so that they can be ‘sexually abused’. Zionist Israel is a despicable, ‘racist’ regime, and one that the ‘non-White’ Priti Patel fully supports… 

Priti Patel made a great deal ‘falling on their sword’ when she was made to resign her cabinet post in Theresa May’s government. Why did she resign as the ‘International Development Secretary’ – claiming that she met surreptitiously the prime minister of Israel – Benjamin Netanyahu – with no ‘Officials’ present! As a serving member of the UK government, this is an outrageous defiance of established diplomatic protocol. This dangerous president ended with Priti Patel ‘reigning’ – but I suspect that Theresa May was behind these ‘secret’ meetings that were not meant to be found-out. The despicable nature of Priti Patel’s character meant that she was quite happy to meet the leader of one of the world’s most brutal and ‘racist’ White nations that justifies its murderous activities through a distorted, right-wing religious narrative. When she was ‘caught’ red-handed – she had to ‘pretend’ that Theresa May ‘did not know’ about what one of her key ministers was doing as part of her governmental duties!  

For taking the blame and telling a blatant ‘lie’ about the situation, Priti Patel was promised by the Tory behemoth that if she ‘resigned’ and left the government, she was promised a far more prominent cabinet position should the Tories win the next election, or supported to run for the leadership of the Conservative Party should they find themselves in ‘opposition’. As matters transpired, Theresa May was ousted by the hidden Tory task-masters – probably because of this fiasco – but her replacement of Boris Johnson did win the 2019 general election and true to Tory form – Priti Patel was immediately propelled into a prominent position. Despite more controversy involving her incompetence and corruption – Boris Johnson has refused to ‘sack’ her – which is indicative of the ‘hidden hand’ of Tory manipulation behind the scenes! This woman is a menace to society and should be arrested, tried and imprisoned for her crimes!  

Priti Patel – Always Lurking in the Background!

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