ARAVINDAN BALAKRISHNAN: Read what is happening to an 80 year old political prisoner in Britain!


Comrade ARAVINDAN BALAKRISHNAN – Falsely Accused by the British State!

Author’s Note: This very important (and well written) article was handed to me by a Correspondent from the Workers’ Institute. Prisons are cold and desperate places even for young men, so you can imagine the psychological and physical strain Comrade ARAVINDAN BALAKRISHNAN – must be experiencing as an 80-year-old man! This is compounded by the stress and tension experienced by his numerous supporters in the outside world! The experience, I am sure, when accessed by a keen team of lawyers, would surely constitute a violation of his ‘Human Rights’ in a number of ways – which together would represent a distinct ‘crime’ being perpetuated against his person as a form of ‘revenge’ perpetuated by the British State for daring to continuously ‘speak-out’ about the injustice of his arrest, trial and subsequent sentence! The Workers’ Institute continues its excellent work of supporting Comrade Aravindan Balakrishnan – one of the most progressive leaders the British left and Maoist movement – ever seen in this country! What is described below is a continuous violation of HMP Rules and Regulations in the UK. It would appear that the Governor of each prison is acting on orders from the Tory government to ‘deprive’ Aravindan Balakrishnan of his ‘rights’ granted to him under basic HMP Regulations! This is achieved by the Governor of each prison instructing the Prison Officers how this ‘terrorising’ policy is to be carried-out. Older prisoners are often kept in the Hospital Wing where it is safer and more relaxed – or moved to a ‘C’ or ‘D’ category camp which are also more relaxed whilst holding less dangerous inmates. Not informing his family of where he is and when he will be moved is ‘illegal’. Not giving him letters or ensuring his letters are sent is illegal. Not ensuring he is in a ‘safe’ environment is ‘illegal’. Not assisting him to make telephone calls is ‘illegal’. Continuously moving him without good reason or before seeking medical advice is ‘illegal’. Inflicting a policy of ‘isolation’ for no good reason is ‘illegal’. The British State attempts to get away with these violations by preventing the outside world knowing what is happening – and threatening any sympathetic staff members with sacking and prosecution, etc. This article is the first step in remedying this situation and holding the British government ‘accountable’! ACW (7.2.2021)

February 6, 2021 

His wife’s testimony to this outrage: 

Imprisoned for 23 long years for crimes he did not commit, he has been languishing in 5 different prisons over 5 years since 2015, thus breaking the connections inmates make, by constant transfers. 

At a time of coronavirus, with its lockdown since 2020, practically a year has passed and during that year, when visits to prisoners have been virtually stopped, long months have passed without any visits from loved ones to people like my husband. His life has been further brutalised by harsh and unbearable tactics adopted by prisons like The Verne (Isle of Portland, Southern England) and Dartmoor. 

In September 2020, at The Verne, they removed my husband from a wing with other inmates, to a distant building in the prison complex, C1 Wing, where he was the only inmate dumped there. There was no explanation given to him. He kept saying the place was so different from other places he had been before, and he was not even certain of being able to make phone calls. Sometimes securing a slot to phone was so difficult. He was totally bewildered and disturbed, with no one to confide in about his harsh banishment, and away from all the connections he had made with fellow prisoners. He lived in fear that even his few visits with me might get stopped. Gradually a few people were admitted to his wing but at the far end of C1 Wing, with little or no contact between him and the newcomers, also because of restrictions in meeting. 

And he is suddenly transferred to yet another prison, his fifth prison in 5 years! 

So he lands in Dartmoor Prison, with no time to inform me. I wrote 4 letters to him between December 11 and January 22, but none of them reached him. They have taken him away from the people he knows and put him amongst strangers, in a strange environment, new officers, strange everything. To complete his sense of isolation and desolation, he is denied even letters from me. This is a cruel blow on top of everything he has endured, including isolation. And worse still he “lost” my phone number, thus completing his total and utter isolation from the outside world. “It’s like being buried alive”. 

This cruel treatment that has gone on for months seems to have affected his health, so it is extremely important that he is released from prison so he can properly recover. After all he is nearly 81 years old. 

The British people and the world’s people who are deeply concerned about what goes on behind prison walls should know about this. 

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