Workers’ Institute: Aravindan Balakrishnan Must be Freed! (14.11.2020)

The unjust imprisonment of an 80-year-old man (of non-White ethnicity) reflects very poorly upon a British State that once granted political asylum to Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, and played host to both VI Lenin and JV Stalin (amongst many other radical thinkers and leaders). From 1941-1945 the British State (under Winston Churchill) Allied itself with the Soviet Union. The British Army and the Soviet Red Army even invaded Iran together in August, 1941 – to deprive Hitler of a pool of willing volunteers for an ‘Islamic’ SS. With the election of the far-right Tories (and LibDems) in 2010 – the UK witnessed the start of one of the most vicious attacks upon the British working-class and Britain’s Socialist institutions the country has ever seen – including the Welfare State and the NHS, etc. This ‘attack’ disguised as ‘Austerity’ – has killed over 130,000 vulnerable people due to the ‘sudden’ withdrawal of Benefit Payments, NHS Treatment, Council Husing and Social Care, etc. This vicious policy has been supported by a broad alliance of the British media including the Guardian, Sun, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express and Daily Mail to mention just a few – who have joyfully revelled in the orgy of Tory death and destruction! Even when the UN found the Tories and LibDems ‘Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity’ in 2016 because of these activities – the same British media conspired to ‘remain silent’ about a legal judgement that now means that the only two countries in Europe to be found guilty of such crimes are Great Britain and Nazi Germany! The ‘silence’ is astounding – particularly as it involves an increase in the acceptance of ‘racism’ and ‘discrimination by the Tories and their allies – who choose to see such crimes as important elements of ‘freedom of speech’ – regardless of the damage such ignorant attitudes generate throughout society. This rightwing media (which supported Adolf Hitler prior to WWII) would have you believe that the farce of a trial surrounding Aravindan Balakrishnan’s conviction had ‘nothing’ to do with the practice of institutional racism! This man now languishes in a British prison cell because of a Tory attack upon the British left and its leading non-White supporters!  

One comment

  1. The irony is that the British ‘ Left’ has largely lined up with the fascist bourgeoisie in its unrelenting assault on the reputation of this innocent man! It looks like there is an urgent need for a redefinition of the what the left in Britain REALLY is – not actually left at all, by any description, but RIGHT in essence!


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