Trump White House Decriminalises ETIM (“东突”组织) Terrorism! (9.11.2020)

Leading US-Trained ETIM Terrorists

Chinese Embassy – ETIM Terrorist Data

As the delusional Trump Administration stutters to its inevitable conclusion, its undeclared war against Mainland China continues! This is because Trump has ordered that the terrorist organisation ‘Eastern Turkestan Independence Movement’ (ETIM) should be ‘taken-off’ the US-list of terrorist organisations – on the spurious grounds that America has evidence such an organisation has not existed for at least ten years. The point of this US duplicity is to legitimise any and all Islamo-fascist terrorist attacks caried-out in China. The Trump White House has clarified this move by stating that China has used the ‘excuse’ of the existence of ‘ETIM’ to crack-down upon the people of Xinjiang – a population the US erroneously believes lives in a perpetual state of oppression. This is a particularly ‘bizarre’ US policy-decision, as in 2008 the US military confirmed that it held a number of ETIM ‘terrorists’ at its prison-camp in Guantanamo Bay (Cuba). Furthermore, under the Bush Administration – Chinese Intelligence Officers were allowed to interrogate these suspects under US supervision.  

ETIM Terrorists In Training

Islamo-fascism was developed by the US as a means to over-throw the democratically elected ‘Socialist’ government in Afghanistan during the 1970s – as confirmed by Hillary Clinton. Islamo-fascism is an unnatural integration of Western nationalism and racism with a distorted misinterpretation of Islamic theology. It was designed to appeal to the poorly educated and the illiterate, and falsely taught these people that ‘Socialism’ was bad for their religion – whilst predatory capitalism (particularly that practiced by the US) is good for their religion. The facts that the habitual racism of the West emerges from the capitalist division of labour, and that a great many White people are ‘racist’ toward Islam in the US – were quietly laid to one-side whilst perpetuating this myth. Today, Islamo-fascism has more in common with ‘White Supremacy’ and neo-Nazism than with any legitimate form of Islamic protest! This explains why many neo-Nazis fight alongside their Islamo-fascist colleagues – and why the US government still uses various Islamo-fascist groupings to facilitate regime change in many areas of the world. (Those interested in this bizarre association can research the disturbing case of Deven Arthurs in the US – a White neo-Nazi who converted to Islamo-fascism and murdered his ‘White’ fascist friends, etc).  

ETIM Terrorist Leader Rebiya Kadeer Lives in the US

Today, many groupings of the US-created Islamo-fascist movement is just as likely to attack capitalist targets as it is Socialist targets – as it views all forms of secularist governments as being a ‘threat’ to its distorted version of the Islamic religion. It must never be forgotten that many of the self-proclaimed ETIM leaders live in the US under the protection of its government – whilst ETIM members infiltrate the Xinjiang area of China (often with direct US assistance) and attack, maim and kill their fellow Uyghur Muslims – those who ‘refuse’ to join the ETIM band of disgruntled terrorists! Furthermore, when viewed as a worldwide phenomenon, Islamo-fascism targets mostly other Muslims who do not support their distorted and extremist viewpoints. The Trump Administration gives sanctuary to the very ETIM leaders it says ‘nolonger exist’. No wonder these ETIM leaders in the US mix freely with the equally corrupt 14th Dalai Lama! 

US-Backed ETIM Terrorists Train with ISIS & Al Qaeda

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