Workers’ Institute: The Advanced Dialectics of Aravindan & Chandra Balakrishnan

Aravindan & Chandra Balakrishnan

‘We should go to the masses and learn from them, synthesize their experience into better, articulated principles and methods, then do propaganda among the masses, and call upon them to put these principles and methods into practice so as to solve their problems and help them achieve liberation and happiness.’ 

Mao Zedong: Get Organised! (29.11.1943) Selected Works, Vol. III, P 158 

What must be rejected at the very beginning of any analysis, is the machinations of inverted bourgeois excess and decadence. All truly ‘Marxist’ movements in essence will encounter a direct attack from the bourgeois establishment, just as Marx a) observed and b) predicted. The Workers’ Institute is an important element in British dialectical development led by a democratic Communist Collective at its centre, guided through the insight of Aravindan Balakrishnan, and enabled through the input of its dedicated Membership, radical Feminism and direct, Revolutionary action. Furthermore, all Members (male and female) are equal, as are all disabled and able-bodied participants. One of the latest dialectical challenges has been the imprisonment of #AravindanBalakrishnan who languishes in a British prison-cell as I write, aged 80-years old. The bourgeois British State (under the Tories and LibDems) made its move in 2013 and took away Aravindan Balakrishnan’s freedom in early 2016. Of course, dialectical freedom does not recognise prison walls as being the deciding factor in manifesting intellectual genius or radical and profound action in the physical world! The bourgeois British State deprives people of the fake ‘freedom’ it provides them, and calls this a ‘punishment’ rather than the ‘inconvenience’ it actually is. A true Marxist interprets this situation as the ‘next’ issue of oppression that must be over-come through superior analysis.  

The Workers’ Institute has led the way for decades in the UK whilst other Communist formations pointlessly fought one another over ‘names’, ‘interpretations’ and ‘explanations’, etc. The British Labour Party (representing the British State) attacked the Workers’ Institute in 1978 because of its outspoken and certain path of Marxist-Leninism (Maoism) which it would not allow to become too powerful and meaningful amongst the British workers. Many of the women Comrades (led by Chandra Balakrishnan) were imprisoned in South London for being ‘Maoists’ – which was not a crime then, just as it is not a crime now – at least not officially. These State-sponsored attacks has altered many material elements of the Workers’ Institute but has had no effect upon its advanced dialectical output which continues to shine through its genuine proletariat history, the continued guidance of Chandra Balakrishnan, its literature, posters, memories, campaigns and articles, etc, that keep all these achievements in the mind of the public in a manner that directly questions, confronts and nullifies the fabricated stories commissioned by the (fascist) British State! 

Revolutionary action always threatens the status quo of the Bourgeois State. This is the nature of authentic Revolution. Every move the British State makes can be turned around and used against it in true Maoist style!  A prison-cell, for as long as it lasts, becomes a new headquarters from which to co-ordinate the Revolution! Advanced, dialectical thinking continues no matter what the material conditions are. Soviet POWs in the Nazi German Concentration Camps, despite the most terrible of conditions, still held classes discussing Marxist-Leninism, and secretly made plans to share the small amounts of food available, and to hatch plans for escape. Every moment of everyday, despite facing death, small acts of Resistance against the SS Guards were carried-out. The Workers’ Institute has had to adopt and adapt whilst existing within British society, countering the sexism, racism, ageism and blatant discrimination that defines ‘White’ society. Its dialectical example continues to roll-on throughout time in a process that cannot be stopped, reversed or countered. This is the inherent strength of the working class!  

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