Workers’ Institute: and the Criminal Behaviour of Palm Cove Society

Appallingly Conditions at Palm Cove Society

I have written these series of articles because an 80-year-old (British) Indian man is currently sitting in a UK prison, and has been there since being sentenced to 23 years in early 2016. My assessment of the circumstances surrounding this case appear ‘suspicious’ to me, and I am of the opinion that the gentleman in question – Aravindan Balakrishnan – is a victim of an ‘out of control’ right-wing British State, and a miscarriage of justice that was entirely contrived from beginning to end! In similar (proven) cases of official corruption, government officials misuse their authority and ‘order’ the police and judiciary to build a viable case against an individual or group (where none exists), and to use the media to convey this tissue of lies to an unsuspecting general public (as if it were true)! The (fictitious) allegations are usually so hideous that a groundswell of (fabricated) public revulsion is built, in support of the unfolding miscarriage of justice, so that the targets of this persecution are swept into prison on a wave of self-righteous adulation! The last jigsaw piece of what is commonly referred to as a ‘stitch-up’ is to make any ‘Appeal’ so expensive that most people (or groups) are either a) unable to afford one, or b) find a legal firm willing to take the case. The last thing a corrupt government wants, is its own citizens taking the democratic process into their own hands, and openly ‘proving’ the British State to be at fault!  

I was going to call this article the – ‘Workers’ Institute: and the Corruption of David Cameron, (Nick Clegg), Theresa May and Palm Cove Society’ – but this was felt ‘too long’, despite being entirely accurate! There are two Tory Prime Ministers (David Cameron and Theresa May), one LibDems Deputy Prime Minister (Nick Clegg) and a number of self-serving private charities involved in the 2013-2016 attack upon the membership of the Workers’ Institute in South London – (a Marxist-Leninist [Maoist] organisation) – and its founder and director Aravindan Balakrishnan (a British citizen from Kerala – South India – via Singapore). A long-time member of the Workers’ Institute and eye-witness of these events has written the following testimony regarding the criminal activity of the Palm Cove Society – which was a key-charity that offered Katy Morgan-Davis (the State manipulated daughter of Aravindan Balakrishnan) unprecedented assistance in material support and in the concocting of her fictional story that falsely portrayed the Workers’ Institute as a ‘prison camp’ or some kind of religiously motivated ‘cult’.

‘This is the newspaper report about Palm Cove Society involved in Leeds and Bradford abuses. This organisation was ‘cashing in’ by helping the British fascist State to frame #AravindanBalakrishnan and help his daughter Katy Morgan Davies to concoct lies about him. While they totally neglected the people who genuinely needed help, they lavished expensive clothes, jewellery, an Iphone, and an IPad etc, plus expensive meals-out, and tickets for exclusive concerts on this parasite! You will notice that their ‘escape route’ used to justify this criminality (and to avoid any blame) is to continuously refer to ‘Katy Morgan-Davies’, claiming that they were so busy helping with ‘her’ that they had no time to pay attention to correctly following the law – was their ‘help’ for Katy – assisting her to write a book of lies? What they said about not knowing what was happening in their properties is absolute lies. The people there, (the victims of Palm Cove Society), bore witness to that. So many people have told Josephine how much ‘they were being neglected.’ Some older people even died, because they received no help with serious health problems. Palm Cove, if it is still in business, is ONLY interested in making money. They are running an organisation exploiting vulnerable people in the name of caring!

‘Appalling conditions’ uncovered at Bradford houses used for some of society’s most vulnerable’

Worse than the issues raised in the Bradford (above) article are issues relating to grooming young women who were supposed to be protected at Palm Cove. Many young Asian women were being groomed to sell their bodies for sex – by men who used to hang around within view of the girls in the communal kitchen. Many of these young women had had to break away from their families to escape abusive marriages and were desperate for money since they were only given a minimal allowance (or none at all) by Palm Cove while it took them weeks to apply for right of stay documents – followed by unemployment benefit or employment support allowance. A Bradford Councillor wanted to bring a prosecution against Palm Cove on this issue but none of the victims would (or could) come forward as a witness. Palm Cove was told what was going on, but chose to ‘ignore’ requests for curtains (made by some of the women) to cover the window! Palm Cove did absolutely nothing to remedy these issues. Even before this grooming began (in 2014/15) there were cases of Asian women who had to be returned to their families due to Palm Cove failing to provide them with adequate support. As a consequence, a number were murdered! Josephine heard of at least two such cases, and while she was there one woman just ‘disappeared’ without a trace, but Palm Cove did nothing to set in motion a search to find out what happened to her. Many women begged Josephine to make all this known to the outside world. She promised she would try to.’

The Palm Cove Society is a private firm that avoids paying tax on its profits through its ‘non-profit status’ – which is a mere technicality for private firms taking over services once provided ‘free’ at the point of use by the NHS (which the Tories and LibDems are busy privatising). There are thousands of private business such as Palm Cove Society which are now running care-homes, charging the elderly and disabled ‘again’ for care they have already paid for through taxation, and employing unqualified and poorly educated staff simply because they are ‘cheap’. Katy Morgan-Davis (Prem) has ‘written’ one book which has been published under two names. The laughable 2018 ‘Caged Bird’, and the 2019 ‘The Girl is the Shadows’.  Feature over 50 chapters of very poorly written and ‘imagined’ nonsense that has association with a) her personal history, and b) the history of her father. This book is quite literally ‘rubbish’ in both content and design, with the Palm Cove Society featuring prominently! Palm Cove was subsequently found ‘Guilty’ of abusing the very people who came into its care, be they asylum-seekers, refugees or the legitimate victims of kidnap, false imprisonment and enslavement. For charges of modern slavery to be taken seriously, a victim must usually prove kidnap and false imprisonment (the only cases I have known of has involved Filipino maids employed by rich Saudis in the UK – who took away their Passports, locked them in rooms, beat them, starved them into submission and raped them, etc) – two realities that had absolutely nothing to do with Katy Morgan-Davis comfortable upbringing, and which the Prosecution quietly laid to one-side – never to be mentioned again! The persecution of the Workers’ Institute began in 2013 whilst David Cameron was Prime Minister, and Nick Clegg was Vice Prime Minister. It concluded in 2016 with Theresa May as Prime Minister, and Boris Johnson still as Mayor of London (where the trial took place). Other than a short interlude involving a submissive LibDems, this was entirely a Conservative ‘attack’ upon the Workers’ Institute!  

Reference Article:

‘Appalling conditions’ uncovered at Bradford houses used for some of society’s most vulnerable

Exclusive by Claire Wilde  ClaireW_TandACity Hall Reporter

“APPALLING conditions” have been uncovered at houses used for some of society’s most vulnerable people.

Now one councillor has called for its residents to be rehomed and a full investigation into how the issue was allowed to develop.

The not-for-profit Palm Cove Society is paid by public bodies to provide shelter to victims of modern slavery, refugees, asylum seekers and people fleeing violence.

But broken beds, missing fire alarms, doors and windows off their hinges and defective cookers were just some of the problems clearly visible when the Telegraph & Argus visited some of its 32 homes in the Bradford district. At one house, an Iraqi refugee described making many complaints to Palm Cove Society staff, such as being left without hot water or heating for weeks, but said nothing ever seemed to be done.

In broken English, he described the conditions as “awful”, adding: “I’m a refugee, but I wasn’t born in mud.”

In another house, an Iranian refugee described how he had been forced to sleep on blankets on the floor for more than a year, because his bed was broken.

A new oven had been delivered several months ago to replace the current faulty one, he said, but had never been fitted and had just been left in the living room. The T&A has withheld the exact location of the homes and the names of the tenants for their own protection.

Concerned councillor Zafar Iqbal (Lab, Bradford Moor) said he was calling on Bradford Council’s housing standards team to inspect the properties and serve improvement notices.

He said: “It was shocking and disappointing to see vulnerable people who have fled from war zones to be living in such appalling conditions.

“I will be speaking to Council officers to inspect each property and identify defects and serve notices to the landlord for immediate repairs.”

He said the situation was “shocking” and the homes were “not suitable for living conditions”.

But Palm Cove Society’s founders, husband-and-wife team Gerard Stocks and Yvonne Hall, have said they themselves had been shocked to uncover the problems when they held their annual inspection last month, and have since started a major renovation programme.

The pair said they had got into the business precisely because Ms Hall had seen vulnerable people in bad housing conditions in her previous work as a midwife and had wanted to do something to help.

But they said in recent months they had been giving in-depth support to a woman raised in a Brixton cult and had entrusted their staff to keep the houses in good condition. Ms Hall said when they went to do their annual inspection last month, they were “horrified” by what they found. She said: “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.”

Mr Stocks said: “We feel totally and utterly disappointed. I think I can be guilty sometimes of putting too much faith in people.”

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