The Talentless World of Katy Morgan-Davies

Katy Morgan-Davis – No Problem Navigating Chat-Shows!

Katy Morgan-Davies inhabits a fantasy world and it is difficult at times to discern what has been imported into her mind, and what manifests quite naturally from within. The way to handle this situation is by not allowing the subject to ‘dictate’ the terms of her own analysis. In other words, this woman has become so used to be treated as if she is ‘special’ by the British State, that she now expects and behaves in a manner that places her at the centre of attention. At a time when the Tories (and LibDems) were busy dismantling the Welfare State and privatising the NHS, Katy Morgan-Davies says ‘nothing’ about the 130,000 plus disabled and vulnerable people who have died through the effects of Austerity’, or the subsequent UN ruling finding the UK Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity in 2016! Of course, she wouldn’t bother, as caring about others diverts attention away from her. Bear in mind that her self-indulgent book (originally entitled ‘Caged Bird’) was published in 2018 – by a subsidiary of Penguin, no less – before being re-published in 2019 under the new title of ‘Girl in the Shadows’. Why the name change? A friend of mine who works in the publishing industry said that ‘due to stout her size’, the management at Penguin thought it absurd that she refers to herself as a ‘caged bird’, and was victimised by her ethnically Indian father – Aravindan Balakrishnan – when, by the age of twelve she was already substantially ‘bigger’ than this slim Asian gentleman of slight-build! This woman has no talent, and yet has had a terribly immature, confusing and contradictory ‘book’ published by Penguin, who has to turn-down thousands of infinitely better qualified authors each year! The rubbish she has churned-out is something one would expect to find at the lower end of the self-publishing ‘vanity’ market! 

The vitriol this woman aims at her ethnically Indian father, sounds suspiciously very similar to the kind of racist (anti-Asian) narrative that is common within the British far-right. A typical piece of anti-intellectualism espoused by the neo-Nazis (and new fascists) is that Black and Asian people are just as ‘racist’ as White people, and that it is ‘unfair’ to stop White people being ‘racist’, whilst Black and Asian people are ‘allowed’ to be as racist as they like! Surely, these White Supremacists suggest, it would be ‘fairer’ to allow racism across the board as a matter of ‘freedom of speech’, rather than penalise one ethnic group (the ‘Whites’) for expressing a prejudice that all ethnic groups possess! This is exactly the racist narrative that Katy Morgan-Davies uses again and again in her book, and virtually no one has criticised her for it! Is she a racist, or is the actual author of the book putting ‘preferred’ words in her mouth? I have no doubt that Katy Morgan-Davies is dictating this book and because she possesses no writing ability or talent.   

What better way than to camouflage a ‘stitch-up’ than to have Katy Morgan-Davis ‘join’ the Labour Party – and as if in some kind of ‘farce’ – have her elected as a BAME (Black, Asiam and Minority Ethnic) representative in her local Leeds Labour Party! Considering the continuous (Eurocentric) racism, she aims at her father in her book, this development is well past a joke! As is the idea that she is just handed flats by the British State and private charities (like a prima Donna) whilst thousands of others go homeless in the UK! It is obvious from the numerous interviews available, that she craves the limelight and will do (and say) just about anything to draw attention to herself! The boyfriend she calls ‘Roddy’ used to enter the home of the Communist Collective (without permission) through an open window at her invitation (like a burglar) to ‘have sex’ with Katy. When ‘Roddy’ was discovered by other members of her household, he knew he was doing wrong and ran-off like a coward! Katy, however, described this defensive action as ‘typical’ of the kind of oppression she believes she lived under! And yet further on in the book (she is supposedly ‘writing’), she describes a conversation with a charity worker who explained to Katy that Roddy was sexually exploiting her! This would mean that the Collective she lived in was ‘right’ to defend her in the way that it did!  

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