Workers’ Institute: Proving the Innocence of Aravindan Balakrishnan!

Aravindan Balakrshnan (Left) Wrongfully Imprisoned!

As the situation stands, Aravindan Balakrishnan is currently being held at Her Majesty’s Pleasure (as the old imperialist wording suggests), serving a sentence of 23 years (which was handed down at his trail which ended in January, 2016). Generally speaking, unless the Judge has stated otherwise, each day served amounts to the ‘remission of ‘two-days’ from the sentence. This mechanism is designed to ‘half’ the given sentence (meaning 11.5 years in the case of Aravindan Balakrishnan) through the encouragement of good behaviour. If an inmate if poorly behaved, then in the first instance, remission is lost and he or she will end-up serving a longer sentence. Should behaviour become so bad that more offences are committed, then in theory, the original sentence can be extended indefinitely. From what I gather, as Aravindan Balakrishnan is nearly 80 years old, he is a ‘model’ prisoner. As this case was relatively ‘high profile’ for the Tory-LibDem Coalition government, it has all the hallmarks of a British State ‘frame-up’. The quickest legal pathway to get Aravindan Balakrishnan out of prison, is for a Judge to order his release on the grounds that his ‘Conviction’ is ‘unsafe’. In other words, the case against him must be either ‘false’ or so ‘weak’ that it is unlikely that a Jury would ‘Convict’. Lawyers in cases like these are expensive, and it would be a long and arduous task to take-on the British government when it is obviously engaged in proving ‘a point’ against the political left. The most efficient means to get Aravindan Balakrishnan’s sentence ‘quashed’ is by the three key female witnesses involved in the trial to ‘retract’ their falsified evidence, and admit that they either ‘lied’ or were ‘coerced’ by the British State to give false evidence in Court, and Under Oath (thus committing the crime of Perjury). Obviously, these suggestions are ‘legal’ or ‘lawful’ operations designed to solve the issue of Aravindan Balakrishnan’s imprisonment, and this must be balanced with the unflinching support he receives from his family, friends and supporters around the UK and the world! No single individual (out of the hundreds) who knew him as part of the Workers’ Institute ‘agree’ with the three women who conspired with the British State to destroy his life!  These women should think long and hard about what they have done and seek to make amends!  

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