Workers’ Institute: and the Importance of Freedom of Thought as taught By Aravindan Balakrishnan!

Mao Zedong – Communicating with the Masses!

The right-wing Press in the UK has supported rapists, paedophiles, murderers (and even Adolf Hitler) in its long and inglorious history! It rushed to support the BBC in its eulogising (and protecting) of the reputation of Jimmy Savile (at his death in 2012), and even hacked a murdered schoolgirl’s voice-mail as grounds to fabricate (and justify) a ‘sensationalist’ interview with her parents – asking them how they ‘felt’ now that they ‘knew’ their daughter was ‘still alive’! This latter violation of the law led to the closure of the ‘News of the World’ (the racist reporting of which, has been taken over by the ‘Sun on Sunday’). Despite this cesspit of ignorance, disrespect and race-hate, it is interesting to observe, however, that not one of the right-wing news outlets in the UK opted to support the founder of the Workers’ Institute – Aravindan Balakrishnan – in his battle against the British State! The reasons are clear – he is non-White and overtly opposes the right-wing, the far-right and the British Fascist State! When representatives of these despicable news outlets supposedly gave the friends, supporters and relatives of Aravindan Balakrishnan time to express their views in the glare of the cameras, it was really an opportunity to attempt to demean, misrepresent and ‘take-away’ their right to freedom of speech, freedom of thought and freedom of self-determination! This is the gutter press that infiltrates the psychology (and emotionality) of the working-class, and which endorses, strengthens and perpetuates what Marx refers to as a ‘false consciousness’.  

The point is that this ‘false consciousness’ operates just as powerfully on the left of British politics, as it does on the right, this is why there has been no groundswell of support from the left, with the accusations of the British State going ‘unchallenged’ within a liberal democracy which continuously states that we all possess the right to freedom of thought, freedom of action and freedom of expression. It is not illegal to ‘question’ the decisions of the governments we elect, or the Courts they appoint – this is an important and foundational aspect of genuine democracy. At the moment, the British State is ‘fascistic’ because it is ‘dictating’ a) how we – the general public – should negatively interpret the Workers’ Institute, and b) how the membership of the Workers’ Institute should view their own support of Aravindan Balakrishnan! This is the usual tactic of the bourgeoisie, as it attempts to retain its power by ‘dominating’ all and sundry at the point of contact. The Marxist critique of the British State is just as true today, as it was when it emerged from the pen of Marx over 150 years ago! Freedom of thought is extremely important within a democracy. The case against Aravindan Balakrishnan is highly suspicious because part of the tactics of the British State is to deliberately ’limit’ freedom of thought in this area, and this is exactly why it is important to question ‘why’ this should be in a supposedly open and shut case!  

Marx states that the working-class (and its allies) should ‘question everything’, and that through this ‘questioning’ the world can be changed! The British State, like all bourgeoise manifestations, assumes that its system is the most efficient and ‘just’ socio-economic system in the world, and that ‘we’ should ‘not question’ this assumption. The membership of the Workers’ Institute is ‘questioning’ the bourgeoisie system and the ‘unjust’ and deliberately ‘corrupt’ treatment of Aravindan Balakrishnan! This is the democratic right of the Workers’ Institute which is campaigning for a better world for everyone! Again, this is a fundamental ‘right’ of the Workers’ Institute – just as the Daily Mail supported Adolf Hitler and his attack upon the Jews leading up to WWII, or how Winston Churchill once wrote (in 1936), how he admired Adolf Hitler and considered him a ‘genius’! In-short, the Workers’ Institute possesses a legal right to ‘question’ and ‘confront’ the actions of the British State!  An eye-witness from the Workers’ Institute explains about the lifelong Revolutionary activity carried-out of Chandra – the wife of Aravindan Balakrishnan:

‘The role of Chandra is most important. She is a role model for women of all races and colours.That is why she has been most viciously attacked along with AB. She is a trail blazer who has learnt from AB and followed in the revolutionary and self sacrficiing tradition of fighting for the women of the world – steadfastly defending AB in the most difficult and complex of situations. She has always been a pillar for each woman comrade who joined the collective and it is their loss that they were not faithful to that experience. One of the wonen who attacked AB was very attached to her in the earlier days because they were together in prison Holloway in 1978, but then she forgot all that because of greed for AB’s attention. Chandra’s marriage to AB is most significant, especially in that they made the conscious decision not to have children so that they could devote their marriage to serving the children of the world. She also took up principled struggle against the feudal shackles of her family who had other plans for her marriage. In the late 60s and 70s she worked among Malayan and Singaporean nurses all over London (10 different hospiials at one time) leading by example in raising their political consciousness amidst the spread of vicious cold war and anti communist ideology. There is so much more.’


Aravindan is innocent!

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