Workers’ Institute: and the Tory Inversion of ‘Slavery’

BBC Disinformation

Author’s Note: Wikileaks has proven that the BBC ‘lied’ about the events that transpired in Tiananmen Square in 1989, and was implicated in a broad UK paedophile-ring in 2012, operating within and around the BBC, involving a number of its so-called ‘celebrities’. The BBC management is also on record attempting to ‘protect’ Jimmy Savile from being exposed through the efforts of a BBC news-team, who had gathered evidence of his horrendous abuse of children! Indeed, the record of the BBC is ‘patchy’ to say the least, when it comes to ‘truthful’ and ‘impartial’ reporting. These facts bring into question the integrity of the BBC, and the standard (and creditability) of its reporting. Obviously, the BBC pursues a purely ‘bourgeois’ agenda, even when and if it operates with the ‘impartiality’ its Charters suggests it should. In-short, the BBC cannot be trusted and its output must be extensively scrutinised for factual inaccuracies, political propaganda and disinformation. ACW (8.8.2020) 

The term ‘modern slavery’ is a misnomer. Slavery has been with humanity since its inception, with each new generation maintaining it and inventing it anew. Slavery, (which offends a certain strata of the bourgeoisie), is ‘banned’ here – but is re-invented over there (when it empowers and enriches other strata of the bourgeoisie). Slavery has neither ‘ceased’ as the (comforting) bourgeois myth would suggest, but for around the last 500 years it has been mainly one-way traffic with the non-White sections of the world being ‘enslaved’ by the dominating ‘White’ sectors. Slavery is not ‘modern’ as it has always been here because it empowers and enriches the White bourgeoisie at the expense of the rest of the world! Although it is true that slavery may not be openly allowed in certain parts of the world, it is also true that there are more slaves in the world today, than at any other time in the last 500 years! The Hitlerite ideology of White Supremacy often attempts to re-write history and ‘invents’ a mocking White suffering, suggesting the racist Dutch in South Africa suffered under the British as the Black African undoubtedly did, or that White Irish men and women were sent as ‘slaves’ to the West Indies – all lies. As far as the last 500 years are concerned, White people have been the perpetuator of slavery because it has been a very lucrative trade for many European countries.  

The system of predatory capitalism institutionalises ‘wage slavery’, or the ‘locking-in’ to the system of the majority of the ordinary working people into an exploitative socio-economic system which empowers and enriches the minority of people who comprise the bourgeoisie. This type of ‘slavery’ – where the labour of a worker generates extensive profits – but which only a small amount of that profit is shared with the worker as ‘pay’, is accepted as ‘normal’ within Western (capitalist) societies. People ‘existing’ within capitalist society are encouraged to get into extensive debt, and then are ‘chained’ to low-paying and highly exploitative forms of employment. This is how the bourgeoisie secures its (stolen) wealth and maintains its lifestyle of ‘leisure’ (earned by the workers). All this exploitation is viewed as ‘normal’ by the middle-classes, and anyone (or any organisation) that rejects predatory capitalism, are often targeted by the bourgeois establishment as being ‘insane’, ‘corrupt’ and highly ‘subversive’ of the norms of the status quo. Although the bourgeoisie view one another’s peculiarities, fetishes, obsessions and eccentricities as being synonymous with the status of ‘Human Rights’, it is also true that should the working-class attempt in any way to ‘breakout’ of the cycle of capitalist exploitation, their efforts are attacked, demeaned and thoroughly demonised (as they amount to Proletariat attempts of disrupting the socio-economic structures of society that ensure the privileges enjoyed by the middle-classes).  

An ethnically diverse group of working-class people voluntarily assembled around the guidance of Aravindan Balakrishnan in the UK, from the 1960s onwards. The Communist Collective (and the Workers’ Institute), as well as other related projects, attracted a number of progressively minded working-class people, many of whom came and went as they decided (or had to). Just as a union of individuals is held together by a set of commonly held set of beliefs, the Communist Collective is (and was) held together by exactly the same voluntary principles. People remained because they wanted to, or left as the need arose. The Communist Collective (and Workers’ Institute) was established to directly combat the injustices within predatory capitalism that cause (and justify) the institution of slavery, and the many forms of ‘wage-slavery’. This is to say that although the Tory-led British State ridiculously accused Aravindan Balakrishnan of ‘modern slavery’, it is a fact of history that ALL his work has been exactly in opposition to ALL forms of slavery! He has never advocated or practiced ‘slavery’ of any kind, but has been targeted by the British State because he has steadfastly ‘resisted’ the strictures of predatory capitalism that cause slavery! Lastly, no bourgeois parent is ever charged with ‘falsely imprisoning’ their children, when going through the natural processes of ‘protecting’ and ‘guiding’ the child as he or she passes through the various stages of psychological and physical maturation. Indeed, the act of procreation and raising children are now viewed as ‘Human Rights’, whereby the State is NOT expected to interfere unless in the case of clear criminality (such as physical, emotional or sexual abuse, etc). Whereas Aravindan Balakrishnan was providing a ‘Socialist’ education to his daughter ‘Prem’ – the Tory-led British State had this natural process interpreted as a ‘crime’, and set the Court and British media the task of reflecting (and supporting) this objective.  

Furthermore, (and more disturbing), the agents of the British State participated in the ‘exploitation’ of his daughter – suggesting alternative interpretations of her upbringing (during questioning) – until she ‘internalised’ this new narrative and repeated it as an ‘implanted’ (false) memory. Prem has effectively been ‘brain-washed’ away from Socialist ideology by the British State, and now repeats these ‘false’ memories as if this distorted version of history is ‘true’. Prem is a victim of British State interference and the violation of her own ‘Human Rights’, as well as those of her father (and other Comrades in the Collective). As to the other two adults who willingly ‘betrayed’ Aravindan Balakrishnan, it is obvious they did this for personal gain. This is how they re-entered the world of exploitative capitalism. The judgement of these two Comrades was both ‘wrong’ and ‘destructive’ in this incidence. Now, when other individuals in the Communist Collective countered the false-propaganda of the British State – on the grounds that they were ‘eye-witnesses’ and possessed ‘direct’ knowledge and experience of the events under dispute – the British State responded by accusing these individuals of suffering from ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ despite no official or professional diagnosis being made, or any subsequent efforts made to ‘treat’ these remaining individuals who ‘disagree’ with the lies issued by the British State. The British State made a diagnosis it is not qualified to make, and then ‘abandoned’ these ‘diagnosed’ people to their fate once the media-frenzy had died-down. Bear in mind that neither the Communist Collective nor the Workers’ Institute has been declared ‘illegal’ simply because no laws have been broken. The issues the British State have manipulated are ones of supposed aberrant individual behaviours (which are false) and not of ideology – and yet despite this distinction – the British media follows a script that suggests that the Communist ideology that underlies the Collective is somehow a ‘Cult’. This deliberate ‘conflation’ is all part of the disinformation campaign being pursued.  

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