Book Review: The Girl in the Shadows: My Life in a Cult (8.8.2020)

Prem’s Book of Lies!

Author’s Note: This my initial ‘review’ of the above book which is available through Amazon. I have published this review there – but whether Amazon will publish it is another matter! ACW (8.8.2020)

As a professional (British) academic – who specialises in the forensic translation of Chinese texts into English – (and someone who is considered an expert in Chinese politics, culture and art in both China and the West), I was asked to examine the (psychological and physical) case of the Workers’ Institute and provide PhD level papers of my findings. Many of these papers have already been published on the net and are ‘free’ to access. We are seeing in this book, a prime example of ‘implanted’ and ‘false’ memories a work. The (right-wing) British State (between 2013-2016) targeted the Workers’ Institute (operating out of South London) because of its professed left-wing political leanings, as a ‘nod’ to the far-right support the Tory (and LibDems) Coalition government of the time, received throughout its tenure. Three members of the Workers’ Institute were chosen to receive ‘special treatment’ and ‘enticements’ – including promises of money and other incentives – to give support for what is nothing than a set of badly thought ‘lies’, that combine to create a very poorly structured case of ‘imprisonment’ and ‘maltreatment’, etc. The author of this book is one of these three. Indeed, she is the daughter of Aravindan Balakrishnan – who she helped to be imprisoned for 23 years (in early 2016). Nothing she says can be historically verified in a convincing and objective manner. People who knew her family have gone on record stating that she had a peaceful and tranquil upbringing – experiencing the occasional ups and downs (as is normal). This book is not an accurate historical account of her upbringing, but a purely ‘imagined’ (and ‘ahistorical’) construct designed to bolster and encourage the media attention that ‘Prem’ (i.e. ‘Katy’) has come to enjoy and expect. From the position of observing State-sponsored brain-washing in action, this book is an important document detailing a modern miscarriage of justice – where a daughter knowingly betrayed her father in a manner reminiscent of the Nazi Youth in 1930s Berlin!  

Update: 8.8.2020 – Amazon Refused to Publish this Review!

Second Review: 8.8.2020

Confusing Narrative! 

This book reads like it is being dictated (rather than ‘written’) by the author, as there is a technical ‘disconnect’ between the story as it unfolds, and the words used to express the story. This usually happens when there is a collaboration between the story-teller (who is not an ‘author’), and a writer who is not the ‘story-teller’, so on and so forth. Furthermore, the story is confusing and a jumble of contradictory ideas and concepts. On the one-hand, the author states that her (ethnically ‘Indian’) father is ‘racist toward White people’, (referring to them a number of times throughout the book as ‘ugly, dirty Whites’), but then admits that her father entrusted her education to two ‘White’ members of the Collective! This would be very odd behaviour for an anti-White racist! The author claims that ‘food was withheld’ from her – but that simultaneously she ‘never starved’. Well, which is it – starvation or plenty? The auther again contradicts herself by claiming her father was racist toward China, whilst he allowed her to ‘read’ and ‘study’ Chinese books designed for children. Indeed, whilst being ‘racist’ toward China, the author would have us believe that her father simultaneously (and again, rather ‘oddly’) followed the ‘Chinese’ ideology of ‘Mao Zedong Thought’! This book is difficult to take seriously. It is poorly written and comprised of (often ‘illogical’) contradictions.  

Third Review

Anti-Indian Racism  

If you ask the average child – as an adult – what they thought of their up bringing, a good number will look back to those times whilst accessing immature (and often ‘misplaced’) perceptions. These memories were produced and stored in a brain-mind that was engaged in the ongoing process of development. Sensing the environment and comprehending exactly what is going on is a skill that many mature adults have to work-on! As a consequence, the therapy rooms are full of adults trying to ‘understand’ their immature memories of their childhoods where everything seemed bigger and scarier than in adult life. A child, even one well cared for, often perceives adults as big highly mysterious and difficult to understand! The sad thing here, is that the adult Prem has been manipulated into providing a ‘racist’ narrative designed to a) attack and b) demean her father’s Indian ethnicity! Prem has words put into her mouth that only ‘White’ racists would hold! This is a disgusting use of racism by the British State to attack and discredit a supposedly ‘far-left’ political organisation as a means of appeasing the fascist readership of the gutter (right-wing) Press who helped ‘elect’ the Tores (and LibDems) in 2010!  

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