Deconstructing the BBC Propaganda Broadcast – ‘The Cult Next-Door’ (2017)

A (Racist) False Narrative – The Cult Next-Door (2017)

At various times in its history, the publically-funded BBC has varied greatly in its duty to remain ‘impartial’ and ‘balanced’. Indeed, since the election of the Tories (and LibDems) in 2010, the trajectory of the BBC has been decidedly (and unashamedly) right-wing! The rot set-in with Chris Pattern (the former right-wing Tory MP and last British Governor of Hong Kong) and has continued ever since! The BBC, even at times of relative impartiality has always been overtly ‘anti-Socialist’ (Marxist-Leninist), but tolerant of deceptive Trotskyism (fake Socialism), as would be expected from a thoroughly bourgeoise and capitalist-supporting entity.  The BBC serves the socio-economic interests of the middle-classes, whilst the working-class pays for this folly! On occasion, individual producers and directors might manage to ‘sneak’ a genuinely left-wing documentary through ‘quality control’, but such incidences are rare and few and far between. Besides, even if a genuinely ‘left-wing’ programme is a) made, and b) broadcast, there is also a cost to be paid! Usually in the form of more stringent ‘safe-guards’ against such occurrences happening in the future, with staff sackings and the manipulation of Departments, etc. In the 1970s, the BBC funded an elaborate TV documentary series designed to convince the general public that a ‘new’ ice-age was developing! This defied ALL available scientific data upon the subject, and is believed to have been premised upon an incorrect US assumption that the Soviet Union had developed technology that could ‘alter’ or ‘interfere’ with the weather! To accompany this false propaganda, John Gribbin published his 1975 book entitled ‘Forecasts, Famines and Freezing’. Again, once enough time had passed, the BBC quietly reverted to favouring legitimate scientific data and ‘sacked’ people like David Bellamy for daring to continue supporting the old orthodoxy! Furthermore, on occasion the BBC blatantly ‘lies’ about current events (a practice that has now ‘mainstreamed’) such as when it ‘reversed’ footage of police ‘attacking’ minors in the 1980s – when in fact the BBC cameraman had caught the British police ‘breaking the law’ and arbitrarily using uncalled for violence against minors who were peacefully protesting! This BBC ‘error’ (designed to assist Margaret Thatcher’s attacks on the Unions) was eventually blamed on a disgruntled backroom technician and it was all quietly forgotten about! Today, the BBC describes the vicious neo-Nazi regime of Western Ukraine as ‘freedom fighters’, and makes no comment on the current Polish government’s attempt at re-writing its history so as to describe the (1939) Nazi German invasion as a ‘Liberating’ event! 

The above events represent merely a snapshot of the corrupt practices of the BBC. What such attempts at manipulating the opinion of the general public suggests, is that the BBC cannot be trusted until its output is subjected to the rigours of objective, academic assessment. The BBC documentary entitled ‘The Cult Next-Door’ (directed by Vanessa Engle), is a throwback to the misleading propaganda output of the US-led Cold War at its peak! More than this, however, it is an attack upon a) China, and b) Britain’s multicultural and diverse society! There are probably hundreds of small, left-wing groups operating in the UK. The Trotskyite Socialist Workers Party (SWP), suffered a major scandal in recent years, which saw its (male) executive council accused of ‘grooming’, ‘sexually assaulting’ and ‘raping’ its female rank and file membership. As if this wasn’t enough, a number of young men have recently given evidence stating that they too were ‘groomed’ and used for sexual purposes! To-date, there has been no ‘arrests’, no ‘charges’, no ‘trials’ and no ‘long-sentences’ handed-down by the British Courts! The SWP continues to recruit (and misuse) the youth of Britain, whilst the BBC choses to ‘ignore’ this predominantly ‘White’ organisation that peddles the pseudo-Socialism preferred by the British State (the Labour Party and the Unions, etc)! The British far-right and the Tory Party are continuously implicated in ‘paedophile’ crimes, as are Labour and LibDems MPs – and yet the publically-funded BBC treats all this perversion as ‘normal’ through its indifferent attitude to the corruption of the UK’s politicians, and the suffering their perverse behaviours inflict upon the young and the innocent!  

In 2017, the BBC was ‘instructed’ by the Tory government to make a documentary (using public money), about the history of the Workers’ Institute in South London, and to present this history in a ‘negative’ and ‘unsympathetic’ light. The usual remit for attacking a non-White community in the UK was to be followed, with the people concerned depicted as ‘criminal’, ‘stupid’, ‘untrustworthy’ and ‘culturally inferior’. Obviously, a ‘White’ director was chosen to administer this well-practiced mixture of anti-intellectualism, prejudice and discrimination in the personage of ‘Vanessa Engle’ – who started her career making ‘art’ documentaries before the BBC promoted her to attacking Britain’s so-called ‘far-left’ (or the ‘real left’ as the rest of us refer to it). Just as the BBC never criticises the ongoing War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity carried-out against the Palestinians by the (Zionist) modern State of Israel – whilst making her numerous ‘award winning’ documentaries – Vanessa Engle also decides to turn a blind-eye against these atrocities. It is interesting to note, however, that ‘The Cult Next-Door’ did not win any awards, and is often quietly ‘ignored’ when Vanessa Engle’s career is discussed. Why is this? It is because it is quite literally a worthless piece of trash – and she knows it! 

Vanessa Engle’s ‘The Cult Next-Door’ contains no artistic merit. It is not cleverly revealing of the truth, and neither does it describe actual events! Vanessa Engle was given all the relevant details that proves the sentencing of their founder – Aravindan Balakrishnan – as ‘unjust’, and that the Workers’ Institute is the victim of a British government and media attack! Vanessa Engle chose to ‘mirror’ the fabricated stories, lies and untruths that are commonly portrayed in the mainstream press, which proves the true motives behind her documentary. The Cult Next-Door is not an attempt to objectively establish the ‘truth’ surrounding the Workers Institute, but rather forms part of the ongoing process of ‘disinformation’ and ‘misrepresentation’. As Vanessa Engle willingly participated in this racially motivated attack upon the predominantly non-White membership of the Workers’ Institute – by definition – this ‘White’ woman is a ‘racist’. The reason why ‘The Cult Next-Door’ attracts no critical acclaim is because as a body of work, it is an embarrassment to ‘film-making’! As a poorly made body of propaganda, ‘The Cult Next-Door’ should be in a movie museum, or perhaps an exhibition about the bizarre attitudes extant during the height of the Cold War! Vanessa Engle has performed her allotted function of assisting the BBC to carry-out a racist attack upon the Workers’ Institute. This remains a fact no matter how self-righteous or holier than thou either she or the BBC behaves! Indeed, the institutional racism of the BBC, and the cultural racism of Vanessa Engle remain the only genuine facts expressed in this whole affair! 


BBC Climate Change Pseudoscience

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