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Vanessa Engle (Director) ‘Exploiting’ Prem via the Racist Daily Telegraph

Author’s Note: The BBC is publically funded by an ‘enforced’ license fee – the bulk of which is paid for by the working-class – but the BBC agenda remains steadfastly ‘bourgeois’ and ‘reactionary’. Depending upon ‘era’, and political climate, the impartiality of the BBC has veered alarming to the ‘right’. From 2010, the BBC has aligned its narrative with the political ‘right’, which has seen uncritical reporting of IDF killings of unarmed civilians in Palestine, and a blatant support for the openly neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime of Western Ukraine. Not only does the BBC support Ukrainian fascism, it refers to the Socialist ‘Freedom Fighters’ of Eastern Ukraine as ‘terrorists’! The BBC has also supported Israel’s recent attack upon the Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn, and facilitated the Zionist undermining of a left-wing Labour campaign! The BBC has also refused to report the deaths of around 140,000 disabled (and vulnerable) people in the UK – killed by Tory and LibDem ‘Austerity’ policies – just as it has refused to report the 2016 UN decision that found the UK ‘Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity’ for said deaths! The UK now joins Nazi Germany as only ‘one’ of ‘two’ countries in Europe, ever to be found guilty of such crimes! Is this a BBC that the British nation can trust? Although the exploited masses are ‘forced’ to fund this right-wing aberration, the answer is a resounding ‘NO’! In 2017, the BBC launched a highly focused ‘racist’ attack upon a British Marxist-Leninist (Maoist) group in London, that the Tories (and LibDems) had decided to victimise from 2013-2016! As members of this group quite rightly ‘refused’ to accept this victimisation (or the verdict of the subsequent ‘corrupt’ Court ruling), the BBC was instructed to make a documentary reporting and embellishing the lies, in an attempt to shame these good people into ‘silence’! As for myself, when all this was unfolding, I was busy helping with the upbringing of my eldest daughter and assisting my partner – Gee – change careers and train as a Midwife!  I had only a vague perception of what was happening to the Workers’ Institute and it seemed thoroughly surreal! I couldn’t understand why a group of people were being persecuted in this manner, for following the same ‘Chinese’ Maoist ideology that my family adhere to! Furthermore, as an academic linked to Chinese and Western higher education facilities, (I specialise in the forensic translation of Chinese-language texts into reliable English), I am routinely in contact with certain members of the Communist Party of China (CPC), have had articles published in China, and am an anti-cult expert exposing the Western-backed Falun Gong Cult, Eastern Lightning, Uyghur Terrorism, and the Pro-Tibetan Movement, etc. We are members of the CPC and I am in-charge of the official English language website supporting the CPC in the UK. The terrible and unjust manner in which the Workers’ Institute (and its Founder – Aravindan Balakrishnan) has been treated in the UK has played on my mind over the last few years, and motivated me to apply my thought processes to ‘dialectically’ disentangling this web of deceit, and setting the record straight! ACW (6.8.2020)  

Children born into (and educated through) the capitalist system are never considered physically or psychologically ‘damaged’ or ‘abused’ by the selfish greed and aggressiveness (disguised as gentlemanly ‘competitiveness’) that is forcibly imported into their minds and bodies from the moment they are born. Although born as part of a family, community, nation and human species, these bonds of intimacy and co-operation are torn asunder as each child is taught that there can only be one ‘winner’ who dominates many losers! Capitalist individualism is the vehicle through which the controlling bourgeoisie keeps the working-class in a state of disunity whilst mindlessly pursuing the endless (and pointless) accumulation of profit. In this model of education, everyone is a potential threat or ‘barrier’ to an individual acquiring and keeping as many resources as possible. These resources must not be ‘shared’ but only forcefully ‘taken’ or purchased in some way applicable to the laws of commercial acquisition. It is money and wealth which decides the direction that vital resources travel, and not ‘need’ or ‘compassion’. This is the capitalist nightmare that is routinely inflicted upon our children in the West! This could quite rightly be termed as ‘abuse’ and treated in much the same way as violence or sexual abuse is treated – as a form of horrific perversion inflicted by adults upon the vulnerable and unsuspecting minds and bodies of the young! The fact that this cycle of capitalist abuse is not viewed in any way as ‘abhorrent’, speaks volume to the normalisation of capitalist abuse that the bourgeoisie has established, maintained and strengthened over the centuries. The capitalist upbringing is a system of institutional abuse that favours the off-spring of the middle-class as they control the largest share of the wealth within any given society, whilst representing only a minority of the citizenship. Whereas the working-class are forced to fight one another in conditions of squalor for the scraps that fall off the rich man’s table, the bourgeois children enjoy an idyllic lifestyle premised upon the laid-back enjoyment of ‘plenty’.  

The working-class parents are expected to control their children with violence of mind and body because that is how they were brought up. Working-class children exist to fulfil the function of being physically and psychologically exploited by the middle-class, and in so doing, must NEVER upset the system or cause any trouble to the dominating bourgeoisie. To do so attracts the wrath of the system and can end-up with routine persecution by the Authorities, arbitrary ‘banning’, ‘eviction’ and imprisonment! Of course, genuine crime can be punished by the Police and the Courts, but what I am discussing is righteous ‘Revolutionary’ action that in itself is not ‘illegal’, but can be construed by the bourgeoisie (quite rightly, as it happens), as being deliberate action designed to wrestle control of the means of production away from the middle-class! It is these ‘progressive’ proletariat policies that the working-class has become very good at developing whilst camouflaged, and the bourgeoisie has become expert in ‘sniffing-out’! Again, the Workers’ Institute has been a target of the British State in the area of Revolutionary education, because it has exercised effective independence of thought and genuine self-determination. My personal view is that the British State has targeted the Workers’ Institute because it was founded by Aravindan Balakrishnan (and his wife), and has a foundation of non-White membership! Furthermore, the close ties of the Workers’ Institute with Communist China is yet another reason the British State chose to focus an attack on this group whilst ignoring the many other predominately ‘White’ Communist groupings. 

The central core of the Workers’ Institute (and the many other projects it developed) is the Communist Collective. This is a Socialist-Communist psychological and physical space generated wherever the membership happens to live their lives. There is nothing ‘illegal’ about this lifestyle, which is just as valid as any other within a liberal democracy. Within the privacy of a living-space, a group of individuals can live in any way they want, providing no laws are being broken. White people inhabit all kinds of weird and wonderful subcultures which the British State tends to view as ‘quaint’ and ‘eccentric’. Many ‘home school’ their children by brain-washing their young minds with a literal belief in gods, spirits and demons, which the British State supports as a ‘Human Right’. Again, ‘race’ and ‘perceptions’ about race and ethnicity play a decisive part. For people such as Aravindan Balakrishnan, there was no exercise of British Justice when he was sentenced to 23 year’s imprisonment at the age of 75!  He was accused of ‘cruelty’ by the British State for daring to exercise his legal right to educate his daughter – known as ‘Prem’ – outside the abuses of the capitalist system! The regulating ideology of the Communist Collective is Marxist-Leninist (Maoism). This is not an illegal ideology in the UK. Indeed, just as Christian monks and nuns have their thoughts, feelings and behaviour strictly regulated by religious ‘Rules’ associated with this or that Saint – the Workers’ Institute ‘communally’ contributed to the upbringing of Prem. Each individual had something special and unique to offer this extremely lucky girl as she grew-up in a loving community that taught her the value of wisdom and compassion within society. It is interesting to pause momentarily here, and consider the Israeli practice of the ‘kibbutz’ – where Jewish children are brought up ’collectively’ by the Jewish community, with the biological mothers and fathers not necessarily being present. The British State has a long history of not only supporting Israel’s ‘right’ to bring up children in this manner, but also often encourages British citizens to spend time in an Israeli kibbutz. However, there is a very vital difference between the upbringing of Prem and the purpose of the kibbutz. Whereas Prem was taught the principles of ‘Internationalism’, anti-racism, and Socialist Comradeship from birth, young Jewish children in the kibbutz system are indoctrinated with the race-hatred of ‘Zionism’, and taught that the Palestinians are their sworn enemies which must be eradicated by force of arms, their land taken and re-settled with expanding Jewish communities. As the Jewish children get older, they are taught to use fire-arms during target practice, a process which prepares them for the Israeli military and mindlessly killing Palestinians (often children). The fact the British State endorses this hellish ideology demonstrates its hypocrisy and corruption, and just how ‘wrong’ it has been in handling the case of Aravindan Balakrishnan and his daughter Prem. Teaching a child to be a decent human-being is not a crime, regardless of how the child in question eventually grew-up, and the outside influences she was exposed to. The following two paragraphs are an eye-witness account of events within the Communist Collective, concerning the progressive upbringing of ‘Prem’, and two women-members who were close to Prem, but later used by the British State to condemn Aravindan Balakrishnan (AB): 

‘Concerning the upbringing of Aravindan Balakrishnan’s daughter ‘Prem’, we have spoken to many people who are very excited about the ‘new’ and ‘Revolutionary’ way she was brought up. 
She was brought up with people of all races and colours. She was not (deliberately) made aware of different genders, and from a baby was called ‘Comrade’ rather than ‘he’ or ‘she’. The name AB gave her was ‘Prem’ which is Hindi for ‘ love’ and can be applied equally to either gender. One of her earliest experiences was holding the globe of the world, whilst always being educated about where food and clothing, etc, come from. Prem grew-up with a love for the whole world. From young (this was a continuous thread throughout), AB introduced her to the colours of the rainbow through prisms and hologramic toys, etc, with her first toy being a black box which she loved. She could dismantle it, and put it back together, etc. This was part of a conscious plan to teach her to love darker colours – to counter any possible White (racist) supremacist (old world) conditioning that might exist in her mind. Prem was thriving through this exciting and progressive approach to her education, and all was going well, until one member of the Collective (a ‘White’ woman of English-Welsh extraction) left the Commune (returning for a short-time before leaving again). This was a traumatic experience for Prem that should not be underestimated in influencing her early development. Such a negative experience was not part of the educational plan, at least not so early on in her development. This is because this person had always lavished extra attention on Prem, but abruptly left the Collective when Prem was only six and half years old! (Indeed, this was one of the women later used against AB). This person begged to return, but left for good the following year (in 1989) because she was not getting the attention from AB that she demanded – it was all about “me, me”! Understandably, this had a damaging effect upon Prem’s development and showed her a very negative side to life far too earlier for the type of careful educational path being pursued. Three years later (in 1992), a second woman (who is of Malayan-Chinese extraction) left the Collective, an event that was also used against AB. Others observed that she was very upset at losing her possessions – particularly a sewing machine, etc, – which she had brought with her into the Collective, but which was all seized when the Collective was evicted by the State in 1990. 

All these negative experiences must have added to Prem’s confusion and instability in the Collective with prominent people in her life just taking-off so unexpectedly – although she was not attached to the second person in the same way as the first. This woman was often overstrict with her and threatened to physically discipline her which nobody else did. The way she was disciplined (if she was very naughty) was by having her leave the room for a short time (it’s now popularly known as ‘time out’ by many) whilst giving her time to ‘reflect’. In the context of the many methods of low intensity interference used by the State, it would not be far-fetched to conclude that these two women were sent to infiltrate and destabilise the Collective – focusing attention upon the perceived ‘weakest link’ – a young (and vulnerable) child. These two women in question, both went out to work and interacted with the broader community. One was Secretary to the head of NUPE (low paid workers union) – Bernard Dix – whilst the other was a Neurology Nurse working at Wolfson Rehabilitation Centre in Wimbledon. Both were encouraged by AB to find their dream jobs.’ 

A particularly telling point about the rough-shod manner in which the British State has rode-over the ‘rights’ of the Workers’ Institute has been the manner in which ‘Prem’ – as an adult woman – has been obviously ‘exploited’ by the British Press to a) sell papers, b) grant ‘notoriety’, to the ‘accusers’ and c) disparage the reputation of Aravindan Balakrishnan (and the Workers’ Institute). It is obvious from the photographs and the anti-intellectual tone of the articles that the adult ‘Prem’ is being excessively ‘exploited’ and made to unwittingly participate in the unjust imprisonment of her father! This situation reminds me of the crimes of Nazi Germany – which saw the youth of that terrible regime ‘trained’ by the fascist State to ‘report’ their parents for any sign of ‘resistance’ to Hitler’s policies! Once ‘reported’, the fascist State lavished medals and praise upon the children involved, printed their pictures and explained their ‘heroic’ deed in the newspapers – whilst the offending parents were quietly made to ‘disappear’. Aravindan Balakrishnan is a victim of a massive disinformation campaign by the British State that has seen his own daughter used against him – as if non-White people are unable to successfully (or even ‘correctly’) bring-up their own children! The adult woman who was named ‘Prem’ has suffered a setback in her development as her mind has become ‘polluted’ by the ‘inverted’ thinking of the bourgeois British State. This negative influence has seen her thought and emotional patterns infected by the very bourgeois pollution that her progressive upbringing sort to a) avoid, and b) counter. This is undoubtedly a setback, but one which can be ‘corrected’ by Prem herself over-time. At the moment she is receiving positive reinforcement from the British State for ‘betraying’ her own father and the political ideology that protected her during much of her upbringing. This, of course, is the path of pure fascism, but Prem should understand that it is never too late to ‘throw-off’ the inverted mindset of the bourgeoisie.    

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