Workers’ Institute: Turning the Tide and Winning the Social Media War! (2020)

Mao Zedong: ‘Writing is Powerful’

‘People who live at subsistence level want first things to be put first. They are not particularly interested in freedom of religion, freedom of the press, free enterprise as we understand it, or the secret ballot. Their needs are more basic: land, tools, fertilizers, something better than rags for their children, houses to replace their shacks, freedom from police oppression, medical attention, primary schools.’ 

Mao Zedong 

The reactionary forces of the British State – that is the ‘Bourgeoisie’ – currently possess and control the means of production in the UK (and the capitalist West). As this is the case, the British State has at its disposal tremendous forces which can be used to oppress working-class groups and individuals. These include the legal profession, judiciary, the police, local government, the media, charities and any other organisation or institute of an obviously ‘middle-class’ nature. The bourgeoisie exists to pursue its own selfish class-interests, and as the Workers’ Institute of South London, (a Collective of progressive individuals choosing to pursue their lives in a selfless manner), is obviously of an advanced ‘Proletariat’ level of organisation and Revolutionary activity, it was ‘targeted’ for eradication by the Tory-LibDem ‘Coalition’ government between late 2013 – and early 2016.  

The details of this bourgeois ‘attack’ I have written about elsewhere, as have the Comrades of the Workers’ Institute (all this data can be found on my various blogs and through a quick internet search). I am currently planning a ‘Chinese-language’ version, which can be easily read by Comrades in China and through the Chinese diaspora. However, as you search the Western internet (which is controlled by the US-section of the bourgeoisie), you will encounter the gutter press performing its infantile functioning of supporting the middle-classes and distorting everything ‘working-class’. There are two choices – either carefully read this body of disinformation and become an ‘expert’ in its depravity and lies (this can be useful for future counter-propaganda purposes), or ‘ignore’ this cesspool of racism, hatred and disinformation – working from the premise that all is ‘class war’ and that it is unlikely that the bourgeoisie will tell the truth about anything – and certainly never let a working-class organisation or movement become developed enough to ‘seize’ the means of production. 

As Marxist-Leninist (Maoist) activists, we must ‘turn the tide’ against the British State, and do this primarily through well-placed words and sentences in the first instance. Just as the bourgeois media writes reactionary lies, then we – my dear Comrades – we shall write beautiful words of Revolutionary ‘truth’! We must embody (and express) the nobility of Mao Zedong in the Revolutionary years of struggle in China (1920 – 1949), meeting every success (and set-back) with a calm mind and body ready for action! Not only this, but as the Director (and Founder) of the Workers’ Institute – the 80-year-old Aravindan Balakrishnan – currently sits in a cell as a ‘political’ prisoner of the British State, we must continue to pursue the Revolutionary-Path of Mao Zedong Thought, and work for two distinct objectives; a) the release of Aravindan Balakrishnan, and b) the establishment of a counter-narrative designed to ‘nullify’ the lies of the British State and the Bourgeoisie Class it represents!   

Included in this analysis, of course, are the long-term members of the Workers’ Institute who have been involved for decades, and who have each suffered in their own way through this attack upon their freedom of self-determination and political freedom of thought! My involvement started around 3 or 4 years ago, when my family had just entered Trafalgar Square after completing the traditional May Day March with thousands of others. A woman wearing a headscarf handed me a leaflet which I kept and later read. As my family is linked to modern (Communist) China I found its content very interesting and decided to do further research. I am now in a position to assist the Workers’ Institute through counter-propaganda activities. The current attack upon the Workers’ Institute by the British State is like a heavy artillery barrage. Yes – it is destructive and noisy – but it will eventually ‘lift’.  In the meantime, we must live ‘underground’ and avoid the explosions, waiting for the time we can emerge into the daylight yet again! Those ready this must bear in mind that the ‘violence’ is all one-way – namely from the British State and toward the ‘targeted’ Workers’ Institute. I wish to end this injustice through my writing!  

The Leaflet We Were Given in London!

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