Justice for ARAVINDAN BALAKRISHNAN – exposing Tory Lies!

Comrades of the Workers’ Institute (2013)

The 2010 General Election ‘victory’ of the Tory-LibDem ‘Coalition’, was very much viewed by its supporters as a chance for the British far-right and right-wing to ‘unload’ its bigoted Tory-policies upon an unsuspecting British nation. The ‘New’ Labour Party had been in-power since 1997 – and had not ‘reversed’ one Thatcherite cut or debilitating attack upon the working-class! Indeed, ‘New’ Labour – under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown – turned the UK into a right-wing Police State the likes of which Thatcher would have been proud! Soon after the 1997 ‘New’ Labour victory, Tony Blair authorised a governmental attack upon the Benefit System that supported Britain’s (discriminated against) Disabled population! In 2010, the Tories and LibDems ‘built’ upon this foundation of anti-Disability legislation, and managed to kill (through ‘Austerity’) at least 130,000 Disabled people throughout the UK – as confirmed by the 2016 UN Ruling finding the Tory-LibDems Coalition ‘Guilty’ of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’. What else did this morally bankrupt government do?   

Within days of their May, 2010 General Election victory, the Tories had a young unemployed coupled interviewed by the BBC (and mainstream media) claiming a ‘fox’ had deliberately entered their home and ‘attacked’ their sleeping baby! This immediately triggered a debate in the right-wing media about the ‘return’ of fox-hunting! Many people accepted this story at face-value and looked no deeper than the sensationalist headlines! However, a few months later the British RSPCA carried-out an independent investigation and found that other than the media story (and speculation), there was no reliable or otherwise ‘objective’ evidence that such an event had taken place! It was noted, however, that the young ‘unemployed’ couple concerned, soon moved into large, private house in a modern gated community, where their ‘privacy’ could be maintained! Many believe this couple were ‘paid’ by the Tory-LibDem Coalition to ‘lie’ that a fox had attacked their child, as a means to start a supposed backlash against foxes (and the ‘ban’). This attempt at the right-wing manipulation of society never quite worked-out as expected, and the ‘ban’ on fox-hunting still exists today.  

Worse was to come, of course, as the ‘Coalition’ began the process of dismantling the Welfare State, and brought-in legislation in 2012 to ‘privatise’ what was left of the NHS. These policies followed on from ‘New’ Labour’s Social Fascism, and their attempts to turn the UK into an American State! Schools were also ‘privatised’ as they were transitioned into ‘Academies’, a change that favoured the already privileged well-off. As starvation and abject poverty swept the UK, the Tory-LibDems ‘Coalition’ turned its ideological ‘guns’ upon one ‘Aravindan Balakrishnan’ his elderly ‘wife’ and ‘entire collective’ – that formed a well-established Maoist group, operating out of London (during October-November 2013). Whilst many Communist groups, in one way or another, maintained relations with the Labour Party, Aravindan Balakrishnan and the Workers’ Institute, kept up a withering ideological fire, exposing Labour’s continuous ‘betrayal’ of the British working-class. Make no mistake about it, the financial power behind Labour (be it from the media or Trotskyite Unions), can be just as vicious as the far-right and the right-wing Tories they claim to oppose! In many ways, Aravindan Balakrishnan and his Comrades ‘exposed’ the common-ground that exists between the political ‘left’ and ‘right’ and this observation ‘rocked’ too many boats in the British Establishment! 

As matters transpired, the Labour Party thought it more opportune to leave the ‘dirty-work’ to the Tories, as this would seem a more likely outcome when trying to manage the ‘spin’ associated with the required ‘character assassination’. A defining characteristic ‘missed’ by the Tory-ideologues in this matter, is that ‘Maoism’ is defined in-part, as the subjugation of all things individual (including relations and sexual activity) to the Revolution! Although a Revolutionary policy far from celibacy, excessive sexual activity is viewed as being purely ‘bourgeois’ in essence and function. It is interesting that this is the area where the Tories (and LibDems) chose to begin and focus their fabricated attack. Working from the premise that it is a ‘false allegation’, this attack upon Aravindan Balakrishnan has no basis in fact and is nothing but a bourgeois exercise in the use of smoke and mirrors. The material damage done, of course, which must not be over-looked, is that an innocent man is in prison because of a stage-managed fallacy concocted by the Tories and LibDems – a Coalition that has been proven ‘Criminal’ at every step of its administration! Following three years of persecution and attack, Aravindan Balakrishnan was sentenced to 23 years in prison on January 29th, 2016.

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