Email: ‘A Priori’ Psychic Phenomena?’ (19.6.2020)

Dear Gillian

As a physicist, you know exactly ’why’ supposed psychic phenomena cannot be assumed to exist ‘a priori’. What would happen to your students if they stated in examinations that things exist ‘outside’ of the laws of nature? Their exams would be ‘failed’ and their teacher would be ‘sacked’! If you respect and acknowledge the scientific method with regard to the physics you teach, then why not grant psychic phenomena the same level of scientific scrutiny? From a scientific point of view, it cannot exist ‘a priori’. Parapsychology is a science and not an art (like theology) if that’s your point. I take nothing on faith. Psychic phenomena are a major earner in the world with hundreds of hours dedicated to it on TV, radio and throughout social and print media, etc. It is entertainment premised upon false-hope and deception. Virtually all these programmes assume ‘a priori’ that the apparent psychic phenomena they exhibit are ‘real’ and are to be taken seriously, when in fact it is deception and lies! To counter this habitual lying, the scientific method must be insisted upon as a means of quality control. I have already said that as it stands, the current definition of the ‘scientific method’ may not be suitably robust or inclusive enough to include or cope with psychic phenomena. On the other hand, it could just be the simple truth that psychic phenomena just do not exist, and in themselves represent a type of religious superstition. I have seen too many examples of supposed psychic events correctly explained as natural phenomena mistaken to be something it is not – hence the reason why psychic phenomena cannot be assumed to ‘a priori’ exist.  

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