China: Peppa Pig (小猪佩琪) as Socialist Icon!

China ‘Bans’ Peppa Pig – Independent UK Newspaper (Fake News) – 2018

As part of my political, academic and social existence, I routinely access the Chinese-language internet, participate in academic debates and as a Member of the Communist Party of China (Flag-Bearer and Political Commissar), I spend much time discussing Chinese Socialism, China’s development toward Socialism, and what ‘Communism’ might be like once achieved. My function in the West is to report ALL incidents of anti-China racism (perpetuated by the United States and her allies), and general cultural misrepresentation and genuine misunderstanding.

The worst offenders receive permanent travel bans from the PRC, as do members of their family. I also present Chinese political and social culture in English translation so that others might ‘learn’ correctly about ‘Communist’ China. Although my Anglo-Chinese family live in the Southern part of the UK, the Communist Party of China routinely sends us food, educational and cultural supplies – with individuals in China being in direct contact with me by WeChat and the occasional ‘face to face’ meeting in the UK. When in China, we are treated with respect and given every support from everyone we meet!

Our two children in the UK love watching Peppa Pig – which is associated with the leftwing of the Labour Party. In May, 2018, The Independent UK newspaper published a completely ‘untrue’ and obviously ‘unresearched’ article (linked above) misrepresenting Chinese political and social culture in a distorted manner which can only be defined as ‘racist’ in nature and intent. As part of a continuous US anti-China foreign policy, fabricated and ‘planted’ stories like this, are designed to depict Chinese people as a) racially inferior, and b) inherently stupid. Although an attack upon Marxist-Leninism and Maoism, this anti-Communist rhetoric has never been able to separate Eurocentric racism from its ideological opposition to Socialism.

Therefore, for the West to oppose Socialism in China, it must simultaneously ‘demean’ and ‘dehumanise’ the Chinese people. Today, my dear academic friend showed his two beautiful children sat enthralled by episodes of Peppa Pig dubbed into the Chinese language. His children – in Zhejiang province – looked just as content as our children sat in Sutton! When I mentioned the above article my friend was astonished at this latest example of Western ignorance!

Within the Chinese language, ‘Peppa Pig’ is known as ‘小猪佩琪’ (Xiao Zhu Pei Qi). This is literally translated as the ‘Little Pig’ known as ‘Pei Qi) – with ‘Pei Qi’ being an approximate phonetic representatuon of ‘Peppa’. However, from a literal point of view, ‘Pei Qi’ translates as ‘Repected Angel’ – which is how Chinese children perceive this delighful little piggie! The Communist Party of China views ‘Peppa Pig’ as being a sound ‘proletariat’ figure whose adventures, antics and attitudes are perfect for the ‘Socialist’ education of young children living in a Communist State. Peppa Pig is NOT, and has NEVER been banned in Mainland China!

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