China Counters US Tactics to Limit and Distort Media Free Speech! (17.3.2020)

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Translator’s Note: This article was passed to me by my friend and colleague Prof. Zhao Yuezhi (趙月枝). This article is an ‘official’ Chinese Government Statement regarding China’s response to the unjust and illogical US sanctions carried-out against China by the rightwing Trump Administration. Although too polite to say it themselves, the Chinese Government limits its criticism to ‘procedural errors’ committed by the US Government (as if the issues are only ‘diplomatic incidents’) when in reality the United States is deliberately pursuing a ruthless and ‘racist’ policy toward China, which demonises China as a country, and each Chinese person as an individual. Chinese politics, morality, culture and self-determination are all a priori depicted as ‘inferior’ and ‘corrupt’ – as if China is a permanent manifestation of ‘evil’ as defined in the Judeo-Christian Bible. This fascistic attitude causes legal and economc irregularities at the international, national and local levels, and encourages non-Chinese people to respond to Chinese people with a racist disdain that is justified by US domestic and foreign policy. In the meantime, China’s path toward Socialism continues undisturbed with the US having virtually no answer to these giant strides made by Communist China in the fields of science, technology and economics. ACW (19.3.2020)

In recent years, the US government has imposed unreasonable restrictions on the normal news reporting activities of Chinese media agencies and personnel in the United States, and has acted unreasonably. It has continuously escalated (and applied) discrimination and political suppression toward the Chinese media. In December 2018, the US Government ordered all relevant Chinese media agencies America to to registered as a “foreign agents”. Then in February 2020, these 5 Chinese media agencies had to register as “foreign missions”and then took measures to limit the number of Chinese newsagencies to just ‘5’ in the United States, as well as the number of reporting and support staff. China immediately made solemn representations to the US regarding its wrongdoing, expressed its firm opposition and strong condemnation, and stressed that it reserves the right to respond with similar draconian measures.

China announces that from today:

1) With regards to the 5 Chinese media agencies operating in the United States that hafe been forced to be listed as “foreign missions” hostile to the United States. The American counter-parts operating in China have been identified as:

“Voice of America”, “New York Times”, “Wall Street Journal”, “Washington Post”, and “Time”.

These 5 US media offices operating in China are to report to the Chinese Authorities all written materials such as staff details, finances, operations, and real estate information relevant to China.

2) In response to the significant reduction of Chinese staff numbers operating in the United States – and the actual deportation of employees of Chinese media agencies from the United States – the China Government requires all American journalists working for New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post – shall experience the expiration of all their press passes by the end of this year (regardless of the previous validity). All press passes must be immediately returned to the Department of Information and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for processing (and investigation) within 10 days. In the future, due to the unprofessional behaviour of the US Government, the US media outlets and their colluding staff, none these employees currently working in China for the US will be allowed to continue to work as a journalist in the People’s Republic of China, including Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions.

3) In view of the US’s discriminatory restrictions on visas, administrative review, and interviews of Chinese journalists – China will take reciprocal measures against U.S. journalists.

4) The above-mentioned measures by the Chinese Government are a necessary counter-reaction to the behaviour of the US Government and its suppression of Chinese media agencies in the United States, which are has forced China to carry out such completely legitimate actions of self-defense. The US approach toward Chinese media is based primarily upon Cold War thinking and ideological prejudice. This policy is designed to seriously damage the reputation (and image) of the Chinese media, seriously affects the normal operation of the Chinese media in the United States, and severely disrupts the normal ‘humane’ exchange that has existed previously between China and the United States. This unreasonable behaviour of the US exposes its so-called self-proclaimed “freedom of the press” as nothing but hypocrsy. China urges the United States to immediately change its course correct its mistakes, and stop political suppression and unreasonable restrictions on the Chinese media. If the US insists on lonesome policy of idiocy, adding wrong to wrong, then China will surely take further countermeasures.

China’s basic national policy of adhering to opening up has not changed, nor will it change. We always welcome foreign media and reporters (from various countries) to engage in interviews and make reports in China, in accordance with the laws and regulations – and will continue to provide assistance and make the process easy. What we are opposed to is ideological prejudice against China. We are opposed to the US generating ‘fake news’ and protecting this process through the so-called ‘freedom of the press’. We are opposed to acts that violate journalistic ethics. It is hoped that the foreign media (and journalists) will play an active role in promoting mutual understanding between China and the world.

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