RIP: Mr Yang Jun (杨军) – Beijing’s First SARS Fatality! (27.1.2020)

The first case of death caused by the new outnreak of the SARS virus in Beijing was Yang Jun - the former Vice President of Trina Solar - and the Executive President of China Commercial Value Group. He also worked at Shanghai Electric Power Station engineering design company during his lifetime. He went on a business trip in Wuhan and then travelled to Shanghai on the 13th. However, after arriving in Beijing on the 15th, he developed symptoms associated with a fever. He went to the hospital on the 21st, and was confirmed as having contracted SARS on the 22nd. His condition worsened yesterday (27.1,2020) despite receiving the best medical care available, and he died due to respiratory failure.

Mr Yang Jun was only 50 years old and usually in very good health. Judging from his situation, he did not seek immediate medical treatment when first experiencing fever symptoms on the 15th. He only visited the hospital after suffering 6 days of illness, when he should have contacted a doctor straughtaway. If he had done this, he would be alive today. This situation is highly unfortunate, as the deceased Mr Yang Jun is parent of a child attending junior high school, affiliated to the National People's Congress. On the 20th, he attended the parents' high school affiliated meeting. He was treated on the 21st and died on the 27th. His daughter was diagnosed with SARS and went to school until the 17th. Please be advised that parents and children should not 'touch' one another during this time of infection. Use your common sense. Do not infect teachers. The teachers and students associated with the People's Congress will be isolated and carefully monitored for the foreseeable future.

Chinese Language Text:

北京首例因新冠病毒致死案例系原天合光能副总裁、中国商用价值群执行总裁杨军,生前任职上海电气(4.850, -0.11, -2.22%)电站工程设计公司,1月8日前往武汉出差,13日回上海,15日到北京后出现发热症状,21日到医院就诊,22日确诊,昨日病情恶化,因呼吸功能衰竭,经抢救无效死亡,年仅50岁,平时身体很好。从他的发病过程来看,15日出现发热症状后没有及时治疗,过了6天才去医院,耽误了。死者杨军系人大附中高三家长,20日带病参加人大附高三家长会,礼堂里有千余人。21日就医,27日去世。女儿确诊,在学校上课至17日。大家近期不要接触人大附的教师家长学生。

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