How the US Government, the Catholic Church & Neo-Nazi Ukraine Funded the Hong Kong Riots (2019)

How the US Controls Huang Zhifeng

Original Title: Opening the Pandora’s Box of Hong Kong’s ‘Colour Revolution’ 

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD) 

1) How the Gentle Wind Became Violent! 

In 2011, Huang Zhifeng (黄之锋) was just 14 years old and was in junior high school. In May of that year, he established the student organization literally entitled “Cultivating the Thoughts of the People” (but which is normally translated just as ‘Scholarism’) and became the initiator of the large-scale “Anti-National Movement” in the following year. Since then, he has exclusively devoted himself to the political movement. In September 2014, his “Scholarism” movement once again rushed to the forefront by advocating that Mainland China is ‘illegally occupying’ Hong Kong. Huang Zhifeng himself personally launched the strike of middle school students and called for the occupation of “Citizen Square”, which is the absolute protagonist. “In Hong Kong, you have to be 18 years old to have the right to drink alcohol, but Huang Zhifeng, who has not yet passed his 18th birthday, is already a veteran of the protest movement.” This is the comment of the New York Times. 

This is exactly what the United States needs to infiltrate Hong Kong and attempt to bring down Communist China. The notoriously rightwing National Endowment for Democracy (NED) immediately announced its support, and in November 2012, NED temporarily allocated $100,000 to the Huang Zhifeng through the “Catholic Justice Peace Committee”, Officer ‘Ye Baoling’ (叶宝玲) handed over the money to Huang Zhifeng as an activity fund. In March 2014, US forces handed over to Huang Zhifeng $1.6 million through anti-China activist ‘Chen Moumou’ (陈某某). This money is considered gold and silver used to establish the “freedom and democracy” of capitalist oppression, This is how Huang Zhifeng became a very popular United States paid operative, returning as an agent of external forces in Hong Kong, set upon developing all kinds of “anti-China chaos”. The United States invited Huang Zhifeng and other agents to visit the US warships moored in the port, allowing the US Marines to teach Huang Zhifeng ‘martial arts’ and ‘military fitness’ to develop his weak body; NED also promised that if he was prosecuted by the police, it will be arranged to fully fund his study in the United States and Britain. Although Huang Zhifeng has not yet gone, Liang Tianqi (梁天琦), Zhou Yongkang (周永康), Luo Guancong (罗冠聪) and other “Hong Kong independence” leaders have already taken the offer and defected to the elite universities this summer. 

They are now said to be ‘leaders’, but in fact this is an exaggeration: in the camp of agents cultivated by the Western forces in Hong Kong, these people can only be regarded as easily sacrificable  ‘token figure-heads’ at best, as there are deeper, more energetic and more destructive ‘hidden’ individuals behind them. This US trained and clandestine group is known as code-word ‘大台’ (Da Tai) or ‘Great Stage’. The US Western forces have been operating in Hong Kong for many years and have been interfering in its development for a long time. Although people go without food, education and medical care in the US, the US Intelligence Agencies routinely gives money to ‘buy’ the loyalty of those with bad characters. There are thousands of people hiding in the grey-painted building of the US Consulate General in Hong Kong and Macao. None of these people are idle; the NED of the Hong Kong opposition’s ‘golden Lord’ (金主  – Jin Zhu) (an illegal capitalist investment agency) is not idle, standing behind the NED, it is especially good at subverting the regime of other countries. The CIA is not idle. These organizations have directed a tragedy of discoloration and ruin in the world, and now they are attempting to repeat this in Hong Kong. 

Today, Huang Zhifeng is wearing a suit and is preparing to stand for the Hong Kong District Council. His hair style has changed, and he is obviously fatter. ‘It seems that the US dog food is very good.’ A Chinese netizen commented. 

2) Scholarism in Hong Kong and the ‘Arab Spring’ Connection  

When Huang Zhifeng was ‘outed’ from Pandora’s Box, it was at the height of the NATO-led wave of destruction known as the ‘Arab Spring’. On August 21st, 2011, when the first meeting of ‘Scholarism’ was held for the first time in Hong Kong, the Libyan opposition broke into the capital of Tripoli and overthrew the Gaddafi regime. At the end of August, the following year, the ‘Scholarism’ movement initiated the ‘Occupy Politics’. At the time, former Egyptian President Mubarak was being tried. This peculiar ‘synchronization’ is no coincidence. 

 Although the Western media invented various names such as the ‘Arab Uprising’, ‘Arabic Awakening’ and ‘Arab Spring’ (to give a false, positive ‘spin’ on the death of thousands), the events of those years in the Middle East and North Africa serve as a tragic memory for those who were victims. The catastrophe caused by this dramatic change to the Arab world is no less than a comprehensive regional war, and the aftermath has not been disastrous. It is so tragic that the Hong Kong woman who has betrayed the Chinese Motherland sneaked a crocodile-tear in front of the TV camera and dared to say “I hope (Hong Kong) can be as good as neo-Nazi Ukraine, rather than becoming lawless and violent like (fundamentalist Islamic) Libya or Yemen.’ 

Of course, the reason why this woman said this is because she was moved by the Ukrainian ‘revolutionary’ documentary broadcast by the US-backed Hong Kong rioters (which featured portraits of Adolf Hitler and Nazi German swastikas). To be honest, the incoherent nature of this film and its embracing of ‘fascism’ as an alternative to liberal democracy and Socialist centralised democracy is bizarre!  White-washing and reversing history is not the correct way to inspire a generation to behave sanely and responsibly. The young Chinese audience lacks an understanding of the facts relating to Western history, and like their Arab counter-parts have been misled by this false Western propaganda. The West fabricated the ‘Arab Spring’ simply to destroy Arab independence, Arab Socialism, Arab Solidarity and Arab resistance to Israeli Zionism. When all this Arab dignity was removed – then the West declared the Middle East ‘free’, but this is merely a new form of enslavement of non-Whites by the West. 

Neo-Nazi Ukraine was in the first wave of the ‘colour revolution.’ In the late 1980s and early 1990s, saw drastic changes in Eastern Europe and the disintegration of the Soviet Union. After this the Ukraine and Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and other Union Republics became independent countries, and later targeted by the US to became the object of the ‘colour revolution.’ Although the ‘Cold War’ is over, the Western offensive agenda has never stopped, and the goal is still to subvert the political power of a country. The weapons have changed from tanks, missiles and aircraft carriers to ‘democracy, freedom, and human rights.’ Perhaps the words ‘peaceful evolution’ has been ‘redundant’, and the Western media has given this agenda the new name ‘colour revolution.’ 

In 2003, the ‘Rose Revolution’ took place in Georgia; in 2004, Ukraine suffered an “Orange Revolution’ in 2005 (followed by a ‘neo-Nazi’ Maidan Revolution in 2014), Kyrgyzstan had a ‘Lime Revolution’. The ‘Arab Spring’ that began in 2010 has contributed a lot of new content to the ‘colour revolution’ entry on the bias and US-controlled Wikipedia; today Hong Kong is unfortunately the latest member on this list. 

3) The Anatomy of a ‘Colour Revolution’ 

Internal factors are the main cause of these manufactured upheavals, but this observation alone is not enough to reveal the whole truth of these tragedies, or explain the reasons these countries experience drastic changes. There is no doubt that without the intervention of Western countries, whether in Georgia, Libya or elsewhere, the intensity, destruction and harm would either not manifest or manifest only slightly.  

 Regarding how to provoke a ‘colour revolution’, the West already has a mature theory and a wealth of ‘practical experience’, which can be described as ‘thinking on their feet.’ On the theoretical level, the devil’s whispers enter the room under the false guise of ‘non-violent resistance theory’, and its founder, Jean Sharp, enjoyed the description of ‘father of non-violent resistance’ and the ‘Clausewitz of non-violent war’. He has stated that this kind of under-handed ideology has been more powerful for the US than using Nuclear weapons during the 1991 Baltic independence movement, according to Lithuania’s then Secretary of Défense, Butkevi Hughes. 

On the practical level, the West has drawn together the principles ‘colour revolution’ to generate a new and effective neo-imperialist course of action. As early as the beginning of 2011, a post was rumoured to have been uploaded from US Government sources – on social media – titled ‘198 Ways of Offensive Non-Violence to Subvert Power’. This summarised Jean Sharp’s ‘teaching’ premise, which includes ‘how to cheat in exams’. According to relevant analysis, the 198 methods of the ‘colour revolution’ have appeared in 114 kinds of riots in Hong Kong today. 

Are 198 different kinds of social unrest too much? If so, there are ‘good people’ out there to help you further summarize all this into just 8 basic choices – one such person is the US Internet expert Bruce Scherner. He states ‘Discover cracks in social structures, such as social, demographic, or economic issues.’ ‘Insert the ‘false propaganda’ into the crack through an appropriate processed story.’ ‘Make the foolish believe in your story, and people will be easy to shake, such as the youth.’ Still too complicated? It doesn’t matter, there will be a foreign instructor to conduct closed training for you, and you will come to the site to conduct on-the-spot guidance. 

In October 2014, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported on an event called the 2014 Oslo Freedom Forum. BBC reporter Laura Kingsberg said: ‘In the basement of this four-star hotel, numerous activists are gathered here, making it look like a ‘revolutionary’ school. We were told that a large number of Hong Kong demonstrators were trained here before they went to the streets.’ 

Kingsberg also reported that about 1,000 Hong Kong demonstrators were specially trained. ‘Some activists here have been involved in helping organize the current demonstrations in Hong Kong. They plan to push thousands of people to the streets. In fact, they have been in contact for nearly two years ago and have planned in advance to ‘Occupy.’ 

Although the Oslo Freedom Forum is named Oslo, its official website provides the address of 350 Fifth Avenue, New York, USA (similar to addresses for the Falun Gong Cult and Pro-Tibetan Movement). The telephone number and fax number are also located in New York. There are also many speakers from the United States, such as the Executive Director of the Government Organization, Yami Lakib. Her ‘teaching content’ is ‘teaching everyone how to organize teams, how to organize management, how to let specially trained people act as leaders. (Hong Kong) Protesters are taught how to act in protest.’ 

Some people have summed up the five stages of the colour revolution’ strategy: one is to provoke and organized protests; the second is to create events that can cause strong social repercussions, to lead people to the streets; the third is to carry out conflict mobilization; the fourth is to form where there are political forces with large-scale mass participation; the fifth is to make an ultimatum to the government. There are still some fixed ‘routers’ to implement the ‘colour revolution’, including: mass protests, public gatherings, music parades, concerts, sharing protest messages, collective boycotts, media campaigns, strikes, occupation of public buildings, establishment of election committees, etc.. According to the checklist, the chaos that has appeared in Hong Kong so far is consistent with the above description – but as none of this has worked in China – the US has exhausted this strategy and is now at a loss to know what to do. China is not neo-Nazi Ukraine nor an isolated disunified Middle East. 

4) The Black Hand Reaches Out from Beyond China 

Organized protests? The US CIA’s ‘White Gloves’, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), and the National Institute of International Democracy (NDI), have long been funding Hong Kong’s local political groups, polling agencies, or so-called human rights organizations. In addition, NED also sent money to opposition organizations and figures through Li Zhiying (黎智英), the first of the ‘Notorious Hong Kong Gang of Four’, to the amount of more than 40 million Hong Kong dollars. Taking money to do things from the ’Democratic Front’ and ‘Hong Kong United’, as well as the various non-governmental organizations acting in America’s interest behind the scenes. This is how the opposition movement was fuelled by foreign money and expertise so that it grew beyond any local relevance or manifestation. Even the Russian RT TV Channel makes it clear that the ‘Black hands’ of sinister foreign powers are reaching-out toward China. This is basically a foreign invasion of Hong Kong using (brain-washed) indigenous people as foot-soldiers, but with a Western command and control structure designed to separate Hong Kong from the Chinese Mainland and instigate predatory capitalism instead of homegrown Socialism. The US pays for a certain select few misguided foreigners to live well off of US taxpayer money – but refuses to look after its own people at home.  

Do you create events that can cause strong social repercussions? The fugitive offenders’ regulations have been politicized and highly violent – whilst presented to the media as ‘peaceful’ and for the ‘good of the nation’. It is a strange type of ‘goodness’ that attempts to beat to death anyone who disagrees with American neo-imperialism and US predatory capitalism.  But in fact, those who have ulterior motives have never stopped trying to create and intensify contradictions. In the past two years, and have argued over every single piece of legislation – be it dealing with the national anthem, or protocols for good business, social security and street safety, etc. There has been ‘protest’ merely for ‘protest’s’ sake and to create friction where none existed. During the Spring Festival of 2016, Liang Tianqi’s (节梁天) provocative “fish and egg revolution” made a big difference – what is the difference between this – and Tunisia’s “Jasmine Revolution” caused by a fruit hawker’s self-immolation? 

In addition, there are letters of the mouth, included in the social media as a poisonous flow, employing empty but sinister slogans… A studied comparison could list several pages. ‘There is nothing new under the sun.’ The ‘Reach Revolution’ of the ‘Colour Revolution’ is exactly the same as before. Even the fabricated manufacturing of fake photographs and film images of the dramatic scenes are not ‘new’: on the evening of August 25th, for instance, it was rumoured in Western press and across social media outside the country that detained Hong Kong protestors had been made to ‘kneel’ in-front of Hong Kong police. Although a common practice in Mainland China (because it is culturally applicable), it has never been the tradition in Hong Kong (due to the influence of British imperialism).  However, the fact is that several policemen were forced to fight for their lives when confronted by organised mobs armed with sticks and clubs, some of whom were filming the attack for the Western media.  The mob was collectively squatting for a time – all sitting on the bricks they had brought to throw at the police, but which they were keeping hidden for the time-being. These bricks were used to push the police back and to assist in the attack against law and order.  The Western media is careful not to broadcast anything that would turn public opinion against the protestors in Hong Kong and so the truth is not shown. This careful mismanagement of the news is how the West thinks it will achieve a ‘Colour Revolution’ in Hong Kong.  

Although the US President has made it clear that Hong Kong ‘is a matter of China’s internal affairs’, it has simultaneously allowed other people in Washington to directly interfere in China’s internal affairs – including US Vice President Mike Burns, former National Security Adviser John Bolton, House Speaker Nancy Pei, Senator Ted Cruz, Josh Holly, and the US House of Representatives who have voted for a supposed Hong Kong Bill of Rights and Democracy’. As expected, the duplicitous Hillary Clinton has tweeted that she is ‘together with Hong Kong people’. It seems that she has forgotten that she has also stood with people of Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, etc., as US bombs rained down and US ground forces moved devastatingly through these once sovereign nations. (She might also recall that her husband – ‘Bill’ – once fled to the USSR – a ‘Communist Country’ – to escape the US military draft in the late 1960s). 

The Americans have developed a special ‘double-talk’ when fermenting ‘Colour Revolutions’, as if attempting to hide a dirty secret. Why all the cloak and dagger intrigue? I do not know whether it is because of the guilty conscience. Often, they say this is “What our diplomats do every day in the world.” This is how the US State Department explained why Julie Eide – the head of the political group of the US Consulate General for Hong Kong and Macau – would meet with Huang Zhifeng and Luo Guancong (罗冠聪). Former British Economic and Social Commissioner Luo Siyi (罗思义) commented: “This is like a Chinese diplomat in the United States meeting with riot leaders during the US riots or meeting with the leaders of the Puerto Rican independence movement. This never happens because it is a breach of diplomatic protocol. If China ever behaved in this manner, Americans would definitely think that China is interfering in US internal affairs – thus causing a complete scandal.” 

Huang Zhifeng may not really care so much about Julie Eide, because one month after the ‘Hotel Secret Talk’, he flew to Germany and was met by German Foreign Minister Haike Maas, and then went to the United States, with He Yunshi (何韵诗) and others. He then went to the US Congress to attend a hearing. For him, this is not unusual behaviour as from 2015 to 2017, he travelled to Washington every year to lobby, such as during a similar hearing in May 2017, or with the ‘predecessors’ of the Hong Kong opposition, the ‘Notorious Gang of Four’. The second in command – the founding chairman of the Hong Kong Democratic Party – Li Zhuming (李柱铭) shared the same stage. It is ironic that a young clown and an old clown have conspired to ‘sell’ the dignity of China and the well-being of her people – to foreign governments that do not care about the Chinese people, and who have historically only inflicted suffering upon the Chinese nation. ‘Maintaining things that make Hong Kong unique is in the best interest of Washington.’ The next day, Huang Zhifeng wrote this in an article for the ‘New York Times.’ He, and the other chaotic elements, may have only the interests of Washington as their guiding light. 

5) Pandora’s Box is Opened 

On June 17th, 2019, Huang Zhifeng was released from prison. Earlier, he had been sentenced to two months in prison for contempt of Court for obstructing the clearance process during his ‘occupation’ in 2014. He said that he had seen the demonstrations on the TV whilst in prison. He told reporters that he was ‘proud’ of the disruption he had personally caused to the way of life in Hong Kong, and promised that unless the reforms his US-backers demanded were not met – the Chinese Government would regret this opportunity for ‘compromise’ – after which he would personally ‘order’ the next phase of protest which would – in his words – ‘unfortunately’ have to involve mass demonstration, disruptions and ‘violence’ as a means to make the Chinese Government understand that a) he is serious, and b) the US will not accept a returning to the usual peaceful status quo of ‘Socialist’ Hong Kong. He added that he lives to see the day that the free education, free health and social housing which transformed Hong Kong our of a British colonial back-water into a thriving Asian metropolis (which he and his family directly benefitted from) is finally abolished and the Chinese people subjected to the ‘freedom’ associated with capitalist ideology and free market economics. Like the collapse of the USSR – there are Western economic experts waiting in the wings to ‘convert’ Hong Kong’s Socialist economy into a predatory capitalist one.  

The current violence in Hong Kong erupted just 9 days after Huang Zhifeng was released from prison – and true to his word – he was accompanied by immense violence against innocent people, and damage to private and public property. Huang Zhifeng was very well briefed, but try as he might to convince us that he is personally behind all this, we only have to look at his below average academic record to understand that he is merely a puppet with the strings pulled firmly in Washington. For a 23-year-old youth who had suffered from dyslexia and had only scored 19 points in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education exam, it is now the peak of his life. His videos on YouTube – virtually overnight gather 1.6 million views! None of this is natural and the people of Hong Kong (and the world) must understand the danger of a US foreign policy that now encourages the toppling of sovereign States and the establishing of neo-Nazi regimes!  

Source: Wu Zhishan (吴知山) 

Senior Editor: Zhao Ming (赵明) 

ACW (27.10.2019) – Last Day (and ‘last article’) ever Penned at Casa Dela Rosa (2 Torbay Road, Livermead, Torquay, Devon, TQ2 6RG 

Original Chinese Language Article:


2019年10月26日 22:24 人民日报 







































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