Taiwan (台湾) is Not a Country… It is a US Colony!

Taiwan is an island province lying off the southern coast of the People’s Republic of China. It is currently ‘occupied’ by the remnants of the defeated (and ‘criminal’) ‘Nationalist’ regime which glosses itself the ‘Republic of China’. Like Hainan, this island was supposed to be ‘liberated’ in the early 1950s, but US aggression on the Korean Peninsula interceded. Taiwan has never been ‘independent’, and has never declared its ‘Independence’ from Mainland China. If such an event was to happen, the PRC Government has made it clear that the PLA would be immediately deployed. As matters stand, Taiwan is a colony of the United States and inflicts a ruthless capitalist system upon its own impoverished citizens. Young Chinese youths from Taiwan are regularly sent to America for annual brain-washing in that country, whilst various types of US Christian missionaries swarm across the island seeking to denigrate (and destroy) any and all traditional Chinese cultural values. The US ideologues in Washington are hoping that this Western decadence will eventually spread (like a ‘virus’) into Mainland China and assist in the bringing down of the Communist System. Taiwan has no ‘founding day’ because Taiwan is not a ‘country’. At the moment, in a shocking act of totalitarian control, the Taiwanese Government is ordering all the departments under its control (which includes the religious authorities), to support the violence in Hong Kong, and perpetuate the ‘myth’ that Taiwan is an ‘Independent’ nation with its own flag and ‘founding day’. Taiwan possesses none of these things because it is merely an ‘unruly province’.

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