Down with the US Colony of Taiwan! (2019)

To assist the US violence in Hong Kong, the Taiwanese government has initiated an ultra-right nationalist outpouring on the island that is being led by members of the Buddhist monastic community (particularly on social media). Do not participate in this theatre. Buddhist monks and nuns should follow the Dharma and not US fascism!

为了协助美国在香港的暴力活动,台湾政府发起了由该岛的佛教寺院成员领导的极右民族主义运动。 不要参加这个剧院。 和尚和尼姑们应该遵循佛法,而不是美国法西斯主义!

The ‘Republic of China’ came to an end in 1949. A criminal element invaded Taiwan (with US support) and massacred the resisting (pro-Mainland) population. We are supposed to ‘forget’ this because Taiwan is a puppet of America, allows Christian missionaries to corrupt its people and pursues a predatory capitalist system. No. All those in Taiwan who are loyal to the US can either remove themselves from my page, or wait for me to do so. You live in an unruly province.

“中华民国”于1949年终结。犯罪分子入侵了台湾(在美国的支持下)并屠杀了抵抗力量(亲大陆)。 我们应该“忘记”这一点,因为台湾是美国的p,它允许基督教传教士腐败其人民并实行掠夺性的资本主义制度。 不。台湾忠实于美国的所有人都可以将自己从我的页面上删除,或者等我这样做。 您生活在一个不守规矩的省。


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