Liberating ‘Duddington’!

We – the ‘People’ – Hereby ‘Liberate’ Duddington!
Gee ‘Liberates’ St Mary’s Church – Duddington!
Mei-An ‘Liberates’ Duddington!
The Duddington Boundary with Tixover is ‘Liberated’ – Kai-Lin Assists!
Adrian Wyles ‘Liberates’ Duddington!
Adrian Wyles ‘Liberates’ St Mary’s Graveyard – Where His Ancestors Lie!
We Love Our ‘Wyles’ Ancestors!
Where Our Ancestors Pirates? Skull & Crossbones…
St Mary’s Altar ‘Liberated’!

Duddington Communist Collective – ML 

Founded: 11.8.2019 – 1400hrs – Duddington Sign at the North end of the Village – next to the medieval bridge and opposite the Water Mill. 

Location: Duddington is a small village (which is over a thousand years old), located 5.1 miles southwest of the city of Stamford, situated in the county of Northamptonshire, in the East Midlands area of the UK. As of 2011, Duddington has an official population 281 people. Much of life still evolves around the Church of St Mary’s – with the village itself lying on the East Bank of the River Welland. 

Founders: Pioneer of Committee of Sutton Communists – ML 

Other Name(s): Communist Party of Duddington – ML 

Initials: DCC-ML & CPD-ML (equal footing) 

Affiliation(s): The DCC-ML is ‘Independent’ but is recognized as a fully functioning Branch by the Communist Party International (Bolshevik) UK – CPIB(UK). The DCC-ML broadly agrees with the Revolutionary agenda of the Communist Party of Britain (CPB), but rejects ALL manifestations of Trotskyism and Second International distortions and misinterpretations. The DCC-ML supports any genuine Revolutionary Path without question is non-Sectarian and fully ‘Internationalist’ 

Purpose: To educate the masses about Marxist-Leninism, Stalinism and Maoism, as well as other leaders such as Ho Chi Minh, Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, Thomas Sankara, Malcom X and many others, and assist the evolutionary process of progressing Humanity from the state of predatory capitalism to that of Scientific Socialism. The foundation of this work is premised upon the theory as propounded by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. This is an evolving theory that must be re-interpreted anew for the changing conditions of each generation, and be applied in a relevant, wise and compassionate manner so as to create the optimum conditions for the improvement of existence for humanity and animals alike.  

Activity: To use the internet and (lawful) public demonstration to change the consciousness of Humanity, and encourage all working-class people to develop a true understanding of their situation and the injustice and inequality which permeates societies that are controlled by predatory capitalism.  


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