Directive 75: How Richard Pipes Planned to Bring Down USSR (1983)

Richard Pipes (1923-2018) – Anti-Communist Pole Working for the US

President Ronald Reagan (much like Donald Trump today) was the head of a rightwing and highly aggressive US Government. Ironically, the hate-filled Richard Pipes and his (Jewish) family migrated to the US in 1940 after their part of Poland was invaded by Nazi Germany. Despite the Nazi Germans murdering at least 11 million people between 1933-1945 (including 6 million Jews) – Richard Pipes – who was already 17 years old (when the Nazis invaded Poland), was already well developed when he entered the US, and chose to align himself with the Disinforming Churchill-Truman anti-Soviet doctrine of post-1945. Richard Pipes represents, in many ways, the Trotskyite false-doctrine that equates Soviet Communism with Nazi German ideology (despite Hilter, in numerous interviews and articles, stating that his ‘National Socialism’ has nothing to do with Marxism or any form of Marxist Socialism. Indeed, Hitler viewed Marx – as a Jew – as deliberately distorting German history and moving definitions of ‘Socialism’ away from what Hitler interpreted as the pristine nature of German [totalitarian] tribalism).  This is the US anti-intellectualism that Richard Pipes aligned himself with, and he was a main player in its application as US foreign policy in relation to the USSR.  

‘Reactionary politicians maintain that the ambient conflicts could be blunted lastingly if fundamental unilateral concessions were made by one of the sides, namely, the progressive side. But in that case, too, they allege, peace and order is disrupted by revolutionary changes in the social and political system of international relations as a whole is deformed. Richard Pipes, the well-known reactionary historian, wrote, for example, that peaceful coexistence between the USA and the USSR was impossible unless cardinal changes occurred in the Soviet pattern (2). In 1981, Pipes who was then associated with the National Security Council, stated that if the Soviet Union did not renounce the socialist ideology, a third world war would be unavoidable. This concept was made for the basis for so-called Directive 75 signed by the US President in March 1983, envisaging interference in the internal affairs of the Soviet Union with the object of decisively altering the balance of power in favour of the United States (3).’ 

Footnote 2: Richard Pipes, “Mr X Revises. A Reply to George F Kennan”, in Encounter, April 1978, pp,18-21. 

Footnote 3: Pravda, March 18, 1983. 

Yefim Chernyak: Ambient Conflicts – Chapters from the History of Relations between Countries with Different Social Systems, Progress Publications, (1987), Page 9. 

THE DIRECTIVE OF THE NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL OF THE USA 75 from (НСДД-75) from 1983, developed by R. Pipes, approved by Reagan. 

The directive established US foreign policy objectives: 

“To make every effort in striving to destroy the USSR, which will lead to the establishment of American world domination” 

The main provision of the directive: 

“The denial of peaceful coexistence, which is the foundation and fundamental principle of existing international law.” 


“Destabilization of the situation, which, ultimately, should lead to the destruction of the USSR with the help of massive underground operations and huge financial subsidies to the “fifth columns”, both in the Soviet Union and in other socialist countries.” 

The similarities with Trotsky’s call for his followers to align themselves with the forces of International Fascism in any attack upon the USSR in 1938 are palpable, with the thinking of Directive 75 operating in Mainland China in 1989 with the fabrication of the Tiananmen Square Incident. The US deliberately pursued a foreign policy that ran counter to the auspices of accepted International Law and chose a path of warfare over that ensuring peace. The US Government – regardless of which Party is in power – is still pursuing exactly this policy, destroying any and all regimes that express a resistance to US predatory capitalism, quite often empowering far-rightwing and neo-Nazi movements in the process (including Israeli Zionist fascism). Richard Pipes worked with the CIA and issued reactionary and factually inaccurate books about the USSR designed for easy public access and absorbtion in the US and throughout the English speaking world. 

Russian Language Reference:

English Language Reference:

Yefim Chernyak: Ambient Conflicts – Chapters from the History of Relations between Countries with Different Social Systems, Progress Publications, (1987), Page 9.

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