Happy Birthday Moses Waveman – 76 Years Old Today (28.5.2019)

1536467_1038922616131245_6145108857711117652_nThis is my father – Peter Desmond Wyles – who was born in the dark days of 1943 to his Irish mother – Gladys Wyles (nee Kilmurray) – in Lincolnshire whilst his English father – Alfred Wyles was away training in the British Army in its fight against Nazi Germany! He met my mother – Diane Wyles (nee Gibson) – in Torquay around 1964, with this area of the South Devon coast always being special to them. In April, 2002, they finally relocated to Torquay. Since then, the local people of Torquay have taken my father to heart and he is known locally as ‘Moses Waveman’ – with ‘Moses’ being a nickname he has had since his young days (due to his long hair and beard). Although the years pass, things change, and we are all subjected to the highs and lows of destiny – it is human love that counts the most. My father says that he is now partly ‘light’ and that this light is only ‘unconditional’ love for everything in the universe! Be kind to one another and help eachother in the dark times so that the best times will be sweater stiil!18839328_1043962965736829_2886134781593504793_n

Gee and Kai-Lin – Darwin’s House
Alfred Wyles – Ox & Bucks Light Infantry
Gladys Wyles (nee Kilmurray)


Mei-An and Me!
Me and my Mum – Diane Wyles!


Junn 22nd – 2013
Ruby, Xena and Honey (RIP)



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