Looking After Mum – and Combatting Tory Fascism (19.4.2019)

Casa Dela Rosa – Mum’s Bedroom

The British (capitalist) State has only briefly attempted any serious Socialist reforms to help the masses, and that was the 1945-1950 Labour Government. Whilst succumbing to a xenophobic wave that spread over the UK following its victory at the end of WWII, the Labour Government not only expelled around 1,500 Chinese men (for no reason) from the Eastend of London, it also unleashed the British Army against a Socialist Uprising in Malaya, etc.  This same Labour Government allowed the US to spread its influence and control of Europe – laying the foundations of what would become the anti-Socialist NATO and European Union (EU). The 1945-1950 Labour Government participated in all these imperialistic activities and more – but it also granted India her Independence (in 1947) and initiated the NHS and the Welfare State (both copied from the USSR). Capitalism was not ended, but its excesses were curbed for a time.


However, since 1979 and the rise of Thatcher and her highly reactionary brand of conservatism, the working-class has been on the retreat with its many institutions (designed to generate social justice, equality and mobility), taken away, abolished, dissolved or sold into private hands. The ‘New’ Labour Government of 1997-2010 continued this process of systematically attacking the British working-class, camouflaged behind Tony Blair granting the raising of a Soviet War Memorial in a park outside the Imperial War Museum in London. This was as about as ‘Socialist’ ‘New’ Labour ever became in the late 1990s – as it attacked the disabled by stopping their benefits, taking their cars and ending various services. Labour has been something of a mixed bag politically, but nothing Labour has done comes anywhere near to the Tory-LibDems and their (UN acknowledged) murdering of around 120,000 poor, vulnerable and elderly people in the UK through their ideologically led ‘Austerity’ – a policy still pursued by the current Tory-DUP Administration. The elderly and the disabled are still ‘dying’ as their benefits are cut, the NHS is privatised and their homes are taken away from them. My family has managed to survive much of this destruction through cleverness and forward planning – but this luck is now running-out. The sharks that are the Torbay Social Services, Torbay Council – and their Landlord – are all illegally colluding to end their tenancy in their home, and separate them out into remote areas, or worse still – make them homeless. We are Socialists and we know we are not alone and that many people are worse off. This is our fight against the fascist (Tory) tyranny of the British State – which we may not win, but we will go down fighting!  Helping Mum (who is 71 and bed-ridden) wash and get-up in the morning is one way of fighting this fascism! We shall prevail!


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