Tibetan Nation Celebrates 60th Anniversary of Democratic Reform

TibetReFlag-timg (14)
The Flag of Tibet Flies High!

People of different ethnic groups in Tibet Autonomous Region put up various activities to celebrate the 60th anniversary of democratic reform in the region on Thursday.

A national flag-raising ceremony was held in Lhasa with over 10,000 people attending. Many people present said they have experienced tremendous changes thanks to the reform.

“People’s livelihood has been drastically improved, especially for us senior people. The life of senior people is very good, as we have things to rely on and things to entertain us at this age,” said Zhang Hua, a retired veteran from the Lhasa Public Security Bureau.

Also on Thursday, a Memorial Hall marking the emancipation of more than one million serfs was opened to public in Lhasa.

The memorial hall, with an exhibition area of 3,500 square meters, displays 165 historic documents, 299 items, 331 pictures and four large settings related to the democratic reform in the region.

Pema Samten, a visitor to the memorial hall, said his life has changed a lot from the past.

“My deepest impression is that cave. Some of our villagers used to live inside such caves. Compared with the present and the past, our houses now are spacious, with good lighting and various kinds of furniture. And they are our own. So, we must cherish such a good life now,” he said.

After 60 years of tremendous changes, the region is permeated with festive atmosphere everywhere.

In March 1959, the Chinese central government dissolved the aristocratic local government of Tibet and freed more than one million serfs.

The democratic reform completely obliterated the feudal serfdom of theocracy in old Tibet, changed its production relations, smashed the shackles of feudal spirit and culture, and freed local people from feudal political oppression.

The democratic reform is a major historic event in Tibet’s development and human rights advancement.


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