We Must Defend the Chinese People’s Revolution – 我们必须捍卫中国人民的革命!


We must defend the Chinese people’s Revolution! If we do not, then the capitalist world will secure yet another major victory in its turning back the tide of Socialist Revolution and working-class empowerment around the world! If China falls, then the other Socialist countries will soon follow as they are too small, under-developed and militarily ‘weak’ to withstand the inevitable economic and military attacks from the US and its allies. China, on the other hand, is a mighty Socialist country that has economically took-on the US and is beating it through the clever use of Socialist market forces – but more than this – China is moving ahead with its scientific and technological progression. The capitalist-dominated scientific and computer industries in the West, dominated as they are by self-interest and greed – are sitting dead in the developmental water – holed beneath the waterline and slowly sinking… Western governments, regardless of the amount money spent on military development, cannot match China’s ingenuity for the development of military hardware, delivery systems and entirely new (and mostly ‘secret’) weapons that render much of the US military obsolete! If America risks a war with China – it will lose, and America’s relatively short history will come to an end!

What other options does the West possess? There is the continuous propaganda war of racist lies and deception deployed by the US ideologues intended to influence public opinion away from an admiration of China, and maintain the Western youth in a state of perpetual anti-China hatred so that if the West starts a war with China, tens of thousands of impressionable youth will be ready to join the military, or at least be conscripted with as little fuss as possible. In the West the rightwing hates China because the Chinese people are viewed as racially inferior. In the West, many sections of the indecisive middle-class dislike China because the Chinese people are viewed as culturally inferior. To complete this ‘triad’ of discontent the working-class – with its Trotskyites and its revisionists – also participate in the racial denigration of the Chinese people. Together, this represents a broad bourgeois (capitalist) united front against Communist China, with an emphasis upon destroying any and all working-class self-assertion of ‘Socialist’ self-empowerment! China is wrongly portrayed as an ‘enemy’ of humanity because the Chinese people are a) viewed as an inferior race that must not, and cannot, out-perform the superior White race in any way, and b) because Socialism must not, and cannot be seen to be out-performing the capitalist system in any way – and yet the fact remains that the Chinese people are not an inferior race and that ‘Communist’ China is moving rapidly ahead of the moribund capitalist West!

On the 126th anniversary of the birth of Mao Zedong (26.12.2018), it is obvious that his leadership of the Communist Party of China at key points in its history was decisive and serves as the reason China is ‘free’ of Western, imperialist domination today! Deng Xiaoping was able to react correctly for the next stage of the development of modern China’s rapid development! The point is that China is the master of its own fate, and it is the Chinese people themselves that decide their own history and interpret its meaning. Those leftists who take an antagonistic perspective toward China are not true leftists – but traitors to the cause of Socialist Revolution! Whilst a successful Socialist Revolution dramatically unfolds in China, these traitorous leftists are being left behind. These false views of China have their roots in smoked-filled rooms deep in the heart of the American governmental system, and possess a certain currency as a many Westerners are unable to read authentic Chinese articles and learn the reality in China. Long Live Communist China!

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