Women Hold Up Half the Sky!


The West – after spending decades in China raping and killing Chinese women and girls – continuously tries to undermine the Communist System by suggesting that ‘equality’ for women in China is a sham (and that girls are ‘killed’ at birth). All this is a lie. In 2018 the World Economic Forum released its Global Gender Equalty Gap Report, and as usual China was ranked just 103rd! This is down three positions on the last report. The Trump Administration reacted with the usual hysteria suggesting that virtually no women existed in China due to a female genocide perpetuated by the Communist Party! What the US did not emphasis (and kept carefully hidden) was the fact that the capitalist State of India ranked 108th, with the US colonies of Japan and South Korea ranking 110 and 115 respectively!

The top three countries were Iceland, Norway and Sweden – Iceland holding the number one spot for 10 consecutive years. This is not a surprise as these three countries practice Socialism within a liberal (capitalist) democratic structure. China is a substantial landmass with large rural areas. In the cities and throughout the education system, the slogan ‘Women Hold Up Half the Sky’ is adhered to, (creating thriving urban areas with a progressive equality), but the problem is in the rural populations where traditional values still persist despite various educational drives. As the Communist Party does not force the populace, this is a matter which is slowly resolving itself. In the meantime, the capitalist West is trying its best to ‘hide’ the great strides toward women’s freedom in China because it does not want the working class in the West to be inspired and unite for a Worldwide Revolution!

The World Economic Forum is a US institution that utilises capitalistic and imperialistic methodology designed to misrepresent Socialism and Communism and give the false impression that capitalism is both ‘natural’ and ‘inevitable’. Bizarrely, out of 149 economies ranked by the World Economic Forum, the Philippines Is ranked 8th in the world! How is it that an impoverished country which sees rich Western tourists flocking to it to sexually abuse young girls and boys and use its women as prostitutes – seriously be considered a place where women are ‘empowered’ and ‘equal’? Whereas women are now free in China (and North Korea) they live under a terrible and crushing poverty and patriarchal oppression in the Philippines aided and abetted by the Roman Catholic Church. The fact that a religiously dominated failed State like the Philippines cane be rated 8th in the world for women’s rights is ludicrous and just goes to show that as long as a country practises capitalism and is subservient to the US – then that country will receive all the support the hypocritical US can mete out. In the meantime, China will be continued to be painted as the worst country in the worl (although it has the higest ranking in Asia), when many of its capitalist opposites actually possess a far-lower rating of ‘equality’ for women’s rights.

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