Master Zhao Ming Wang – the ‘Dao’ of Determination (为了弘扬中国真正的道家功夫。,,,,,)

Shi Da Dao – Sutton (London) 1.11/2018

Translator’s Note: Master Zhao Ming wang is a very good person with a very kind heart. Over the years he has always encouraged both my work and my practice, and has acknowledged my Qianfeng Lineage brought to the UK by Charles Luk (1898-1978). Master Zhao Ming Wang has often made very warm and encouraging comments in public, and has never been harsh or overly critical. Yes – he is strict and exact – but if we align our inner character with his, then there is no problem. By translating Master Zhao’s blog into English, I have learned from an endless flow of wisdom and knowledge. Recently, my Chinese friends encouraged me to join ‘WeChat’ and this has given me direct and real-time contact with the thousands of disciples in China who are currently members of Master Zhao’s Qianfeng School centred in Beijing. I have been treated with great respect and have been humbled by the trust placed in me. What is important is virtue, honesty and determination in equal measure. This is the same in London as it is in Beijing. Whilst transmitting the Qianfeng Lineage to the West I firmly acknowledge that Master Zhao Ming Wang is the recognised Lineage Head of the ‘Zhao Gate’ in the world today, and call upon all serious Daoists to recognise this fact. As to what follows, I deserve none of the respect – but I accept it with a grateful heart! ACW (3.11.2018)

‘For a person to be consistent in life, a clear and firm direction of mind and cultivated essential essence (心性 – Xin Xing) must be simultaneously originated, sustained and progressively developed. In all this self-cultivation the defining factor must be firmness of character. No matter what hardships are encountered during spring, summer, autumn and winter, the mind must be clear and correctly directed and the body must be relaxed, aligned and powerful. By realising the ‘true essence of reality’ (真 – Zhen) by correctly cultivating the ‘Dao’ (道), then your training will be successful, and the oneness of reality realised.

Mr Shi Da Dao (释大道) (i.e. Adrian Chan-Wyles) lives in England. For many years he has resolutely committed himself to the task of translating important Qianfeng Prenatal School (千峰先天派 – Qian Feng Xian Tian Pai) philosophical texts into a (correct) and modern English. He has practised determination in the face of many difficulties and prevailed. His work has introduced a new generation (outside of China) to the teachings contained in the ‘Essential Nature Mind-Body’ (千峰先天派 – Xing Ming Shuang Xiu) self-cultivation methodology. This effort has undoubtedly assisted in the carrying forward of the true teachings of the Philosophical Daoist School (道家 – Dao Jia) and made available the wonderful beauty of Chinese culture.’

Master Zhao Ming Wang (赵明旺)

Master Zhao Ming Wang’s Blog (English)

Contacting & Visiting Master Zhao Ming Wang (Beijing)

Original Chinese Language Text (Wechat 2.11.2018)


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