Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Commemorate Hitlerite Invasion of USSR with Pride!


In 2017, cadets of the Ukrainian Military Academy attended a special ceremony at a war cemetery, to pay tribute to the Nazi German SS Divisions that invaded the Ukraine as part of the massive Hitlerite incursion into the USSR in 1941. Despite 27 – 40 million Soviet men, women and children dying at the hands of the Nazi Germans (including many massacres of the Holocaust), the Ukrainian Military Academy (now in the hands of the neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime in Kiev), sent representatives who made speeches eulogizing the Ukrainian collaborators that joined the Nazi Germans, and lamented the loss of so many ‘German’ SS soldiers who gave their lives for Ukrainian ‘freedom’. Present were a number of elderly Ukrainian ‘Veterans’ (or their ‘proud’ descendents, many dressed in WWII uniforms) of the German SS and the collaborating units, many of whom stated that the Ukraine must rekindle the ‘Nazi Spirit’ of the 1940’s. With straight-armed salutes and the singing of the Hitlerite National Anthem, there was a collective condemnation of the ‘Communist’ USSR and ‘decadent’ modern Russian regime. When the proud neo-Nazi youth of ‘Maidan’ Ukraine have generated the right conditions, it was said, the country will be ready to ‘join’ the European Union (EU), and become an ally of NATO.




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