China: Buddhist Temples Raise the Red Flag!


Original Chinese Language Article By: China Qingtian Net

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

On July 24, 2018, under the unified administration of the Qingtian County People’s Bureau (situated in Zhejiang province), the first group of 17 specialised Buddhist activities venues – such as the Huancui Temple (环翠寺 – Huan Cui Si) in Hecheng Street, the Zhen Zhenningjing Temple (镇真宁净寺 – Zhen Zhen Ning Jing Si) in Wenxi Town, and the Pu’an Temple (普安寺 – Pu an Si) – completed the installation of the required flagpoles and officially began the routine (regular) raising the (national) Red Flag of Communist China. On the small square in front of the Temples, there are three new flags fluttering in the wind. Among them, the centre flag is the most prominent, as it flies the national flag of the People’s Republic of China. It flies next to the flag of the Chinese Buddhist Association and the Qingtian County Buddhist Association. The bright five-star on the Red Flag is both solemn and majestic.


It is reported that Qingtian County People’s Bureau is conscientiously implementing the spirit of the “Notice on the establishment of a high-level promotion of safe religious venues” by the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People’s Committee, and the Provincial Security Office. This is a practical measure designed to enhance the level of national consciousness, civic awareness, and legal awareness of the majority of religious believers. This requires places such as temples and monasteries as being both ideologically and physically safe areas for individuals and families to visit, so that they may act as education centres of the highest calibre. Spiritual and religious practises must be authentic and taught by properly qualified and recognised teachers, who understand not only the Buddhist teachings of freedom of suffering through mind and body discipline, but also possess the correct level of Marxist-Leninist (Maoist) education that frees the working class (through the guidance of the Communist Party) from the sufferings inflicted upon the people by the capitalist system. In this regard, Chinese Buddhism (when taught and practised correctly), is compatible with Marxist-Leninist (Maoist) ideology, so that Buddhism and Buddhists in Chia openly and enthusiastically support the Communist Party of China build Socialism throughout China. The Red Flag of Communism belongs to humanity, whilst the Red Flag of Communism bearing the five golden stars belongs to the People’s Republic of China. Citizens of China must understand both the ‘national’ and ‘international’ meaning of the mighty Red Flag within world history and contemporary politics. Raising the Red Flag daily in a place in or near Buddhist temples and monasteries must become a meditative act that combines inner and outer freedom. In return for this display of loyalty to the Chinese State, civilians should gather and pay their respects when the Red Flag is raised on rooves or in local squares. This ensures that Buddhist practise remains relevant in the modern world.


In this way, it is the objective of the Qingtian County People’s Bureau to have suitable places established throughout the county by the end of July. This requires a great organisational undertaking that sees the secular authorities communicating with the civic and religious authorities, and everyone working toward a common goal.

Original Chinese Language Source Article:

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