Cheddar Man – a View from China (科学家还原出最古老的英国人 皮肤竟是黑色)


Recently, researchers synthesized a face for one of Britain’s oldest modern humans – from the Cheddar Man skeletal remains (found within Gough Cave, Cheddar Gorge in 1903), which is 10,000 years of age – and found that his eyes were blue, and his skin and hair were Black.

Researchers at the Museum of Natural History in London released a newly restored model of what it is believed to be the actual appearance of Cheddar Man. They said that a scientific paper will be published later this month. According to their scientific study, the ancient DNA extracted from intact bones showed that he lacks the genetic variants of the light-colored skin inherited in many Europeans.

Researchers already know that some Europeans were dark-skinned and blue-eyed during this period, but Cheddar Man revealed that the assumptions previously made about the lighter complexions of the skin and hair of the early British Isles were wrong – and that around 4800 years ago, dark-skin was very much the norm in the UK.

Original Chinese Language Source:

科学家还原出最古老的英国人 皮肤竟是黑色

来源:封面新闻  发表时间:2018-02-11 13:59
近日,研究人员给英国最古老的现代人之一合成了一张脸——来自Cheddar峡谷Gough’s Cave年龄有10000岁的“Cheddar Man”——他们发现他的眼睛是蓝色的,皮肤和头发是黑色的。


研究人员已经知道,这一时期的一些欧洲人皮肤黝黑,眼睛蓝蓝的,但是Cheddar Man揭示了以前关于不列颠群岛早期居民皮肤和头发颜色较淡的假设是错误的——这些特征直到4800年前才在英国流行开来。

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