Etymology: 屳 (xian1) – Seeking Immortality


Etymology: 屳 (xian1) – Seeking Immortality

入 (ru4) i.e. ‘enter’ + 山 (shan1) i.e. ‘mountain’ = 屳 (xian) – ‘entering a mountain’ (to attain Daoist Immortality).

Variant of: 仙 (xian1) – Immortality

亻人 (ren2) i.e. ‘person’ + 山 (shan1) i.e. ‘mountain’ = 仙 (xian1) – ‘person on a mountain’ (practising Daoist Immortality self-cultivation).

Archaic Representations: 僊 㒨 (xian1) – Immortality

A ‘person’ -亻人 (ren2) – ‘climbing’, or ‘making progress’ upwards (as in ‘going up a mountain’) – 䙴 (qian1) – during times of great effort or difficulty. Also indicates ‘䙲’ (qian1), a ‘great person’ (大 – tai4), going on an adventurous (and possibly dangerous or uncertain) transformative journey to the West (覀, or ‘西’ – xi1), whilst weighed down with a heavy burden or bag (a possible reference to ‘ordinary’ and ‘unenlightened’ existence). May also refer to a bird safely ensconced upon its high nest and able to see in all directions (i.e. East and West, and by implication South and North). Self-development occurs through the safe incubation of the egg or ‘foetus’ (巳 – si4) – also the 6th of the 12th Terrestrial Branches (relating to the Chinese hour 9-11am). Sometimes this integration f confusing particles is explained within Chinese language textbooks like this: ‘人一田山’ – or ‘A person on their own (人 一 – ren2 yi1), carefully cultivates their mind and body like a good farmer cultivates a field (田 – tian2), whilst ensconced upon a mountain top (山 – shan1). ‘

Chinese Language References:屳/9223181?fr=aladdin

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