Falun Gong Cult: Self-Deceiving Li Hongzhi (李洪志) [2016]


(Translation and Research by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Any path that deliberately exploits its adherents and takes away their ability to independently ‘think’, is not good for the individual or for society. The Falun Gong Cult is just such a path. Li Hongzhi is delusional, and his pathology is matched in his ‘disciples’ by their collective idiocy (as their individual selves nolonger exist). More to the point, Li Hongzhi has stated in person and in writing that anyone who ‘gives-up’ all their personal possessions and wealth into his care – and who is willing to stand on street corners with their hands in the air – will attain ‘eternal’ life. This lunacy stems from a man who routinely (and modestly) refers to himself as the one and only ‘Universal Lord Buddha’ (宇宙主佛 – Yu Zhou Zhu Fu)! The immediate problem Li Hongzhi has had to contend with is ‘reality’. This has become ever more evident and poignant as his disciples have started dying around him – usually of ill-health, and sometimes of old age. Recently, Li Hongzhi’s mother Lu Shuzhen (芦淑珍) passed away. In the past, Li Hongzhi had stated that as he is ‘divine’, his parents would be particularly blessed with longevity without having to train like ordinary disciples. However, even if an individual ‘trains’ like ordinary disciples, generally speaking this activity does not alter the natural cycle of life and death. Indeed, Flun Gong Cult training does not even ‘pro-long’ life, but certainly appears to shorten it! Reports suggest that in the US, Li Hongzhi and his henchmen have deliberately acted to ‘conceal’ at least 40 deaths from the media because such truth has the potential to prove Li Hongzhi to be the fraud he undoubtedly is.

The problem hinges on Li Hongzhi’s ‘anti-science’ and ‘anti-medicine’ rhetoric. He states that people do not need to see a doctor or take any medicine when they are ill or injured. When people are ill, they must stand on street corners with arms in the air, so as to ‘burn-off’ any and all ‘bad karma’ they may have generated in the past. Just what this means, or how this method works, Li Hongzhi does not explain. Besides, asking questions is forbidden in each Falun Gong Cult cell. According to Li Hongzhi, his method works ‘quicker’ the more money and real estate a disciple transmits into his name. failure to act quickly on the wealth transference front, risks wasting time and the illness progressing. Denouncing Communist China is another way of earning Falun Gong Cult ‘merit’ – but all disciples have to participate in this activity whether ill or not. Since 2005, it is known that at least 6 Australians have died whilst practising ‘life-extending’ Falun Gong Cult exercises. Li Hongzhi has tried to explain this by suggesting that these people did not breathe deep enough, raise their arms high enough, hate China enough, or transfer enough money into his bank account. On June 8th, 2009, Falun Gong Cult member and advanced practitioner Liu Ying (刘莺) suddenly dropped dead with no warning. Liu Ying had founded the Taiwan Falun Buddhist Association, and was the former Manager of Taiwan’s ‘NTDTV Asia-Pacific TV’. The Taiwan Falun Gong Cult branch immediately criticised Liu Ying for not following the ‘five exercises’ and pursuing ‘individual thoughts’ whilst working at the TV station. This ‘free thought’ had polluted the purity of the Falun Gong Cult practises, and this is supposed to explain why Liu Ying died of ‘natural causes’. In fact, records show that despite being the ‘Universal Lord Buddha’, Li Hongzhi sought medical treatment in 19 hospitals between 1983 – 1990, in Changchun City. During that time, Li Hongzhi received 48 different consultations (paid for by the Chinese State). Li Jiguang (李继光) is Li Hongzhi’s brother-in-law and ‘Epoch Times’ News Group Vice President. Whilst taken seriously ill in 2009, Li Hongzhi quietly authorised Li Jiguang’s hospitalization, where he shortly died of longterm kidney disease.

As the US supports and funds the Falun Gong Cult as a means to attack Communist China, Li Hongzhi can get away with saying all kinds of nonsensical things – and it does not matter to the US Authorities how many people die in the meantime. Bestowing blessings upon wealthy disciples ‘at a distance’ is a very lucrative practice for Li Hongzhi. He instructs Americans not to takeout medical insurance (US citizens must ‘pay’ for medical care), and instead give the money to him. Although Li Hongzhi used this ‘at a distance’ method with his mother, and given it had no positive effect on her health, it is astonishing that people in the West keep falling for this kind of dishonesty and dangerous activity. in 2014, a ‘master’ of Falun Gong Cult activity in Macao – named ‘Lin Yiming’ (林逸明) was taken ill with blood in his stools. Li Hongzhi forbade Lin Yiming from consulting a doctor, and his conditioned worsened, leading to his death in 2015. Li Hongzhi ordered a ‘media blackout’ due to the embarrassment caused by the death of one of his most ‘advanced’ Falun Gong Cult practitioners. Do not confuse the Falun Gong Cult with authentic Buddhist and Daoist practices, which are premised upon discipline and virtue, and not exploitation and delusions of grandeur.

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