The Multi-Frequency Reality of Todd Acamesis


The purpose of this blog is the exercise of freedom of thought in the guise of ‘critical thinking’. Of course, anyone is free to interpret reality through a ‘non-critical’ mind-set, but that is different to the point being made here. People are also free to view reality as a projection of the mind, and use this ‘idealism’ to set the interpretive agenda. Again, this is different to what is being investigated through this ‘Institute of Inner Science’, but it is an interesting alternative to the view that material reality possesses a type of ‘reality’ all of its own. People cannot be ‘forced’ out of the particular reality they inhabit in their mind and body, but their ability to ‘see more’ can be encouraged through progressive education, and dialectical learning. This is the point of this blog. A challenge to all those who adhere to an ‘idealistic’ view of reality, and accept ideas not grounded in material reality, must consider the following facts:

a) If you do not have access to money – you cannot access any service, facility or leisure resource of the society within which you exist.

b) If you do not have access to food – you will eventually die of starvation.

c) If you do not have shelter – you will eventually die of cold (or exposure) to the elements.

d) If you do not have access to medical care – you will eventually die of illness or injury.

e) If you do not have access to legal protection – you will live in a world of oppression.

These issues are practical or material realities – and no amount of positive thought will change these conditioned pathways. Ignoring practical reality is foolish because it is the basis of a core reality (regardless of the mind’s ability to ‘imagine’ or apparently ‘traverse’ to different realities). A demonstration of this material reality can be seen in the ‘Austerity’ measures of sudden and rapid cuts in NHS care and Welfare Support in the UK, initiated by the Tories and LibDems since 2010 (and which is ongoing). Oxford University has recently calculated that as of January, 2015, around 30,000 in the UK died of causes directly related to the material changes generated through this ‘Austerity’ process, which has attacked and destroyed the most vulnerable populations living within British society. In 2016, the Tories and LibDems were found Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity by the United Nations (UN) – for the death of at least 10,000 disabled people (since 2010). The point is that material reality really does matter, and to ignore ts presence or purpose is a foolish use of the human-mind. obviously, those who possess the preferred skin-colour, class, education, gender and financial category, tend to be insulated from the harsher realities of material existence, and are free to use their ‘leisure’ time to exercise the ‘imagination’ capacity of their mind. As usual, think for yourself and make your own decisions. I am not judging Todd Acamesis, nor am I advocating his interpretation of reality, but I am presenting his interesting lecture here, as food for alternative thought strategies.



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