China: Feng Timo (冯提莫) Sings – Light Years Away (光年之外) – Theme to the Western SciFi Film ‘Passengers’ (2016)


This beautiful young woman is called Feng Timo (冯提莫) – and she uploads videos of herself singing in public places in China (through her mobile phone). This appears to be on an open-top – double-decker bus In Shanghai. Even if you can’t understand what she says – watch the video – it’s beautiful! The song is called ‘Light Years Away’ (光年之外 – Guang Man Zhi Wai) – and is the theme for the Western SciFi film ‘Passengers’.  Some of the lyrics to this love song translate like this:

Song title: Light Years Away (Originally by sung G.E.M for the Western SciFi film Passengers)

‘Do you remember when our fingertips touched and we looked into each other’s eyes – even if there is no tomorrow – I wish we could have stopped time…
Facing the vast night sky full of stars – we float helpless together – like insignificant specks of dust…

Perhaps oneday we will meet beyond these troubled times… It is our destiny to be in-love whilst in distress…Perhaps lights years in the future we will meet in less troubled-times… I will wait for you forever even though I do not know if we will meet again…

Now I am crazily in love with you – no force of nature could separate us… When we embrace – I feel dizzy and cannot resist… This is enough to give me eternal hope…’

Chinese Lyrics Reference:

G.E.M Original Version:


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